AppDynamics is application performance management software. It detects anomalies and keeps your business running smoothly. This software enables you to visualize revenue paths with customer and app experience in order to fix app issues. AppDynamics Features It allows you to monitor every critical click, swipe, and tap. This tool uses machine learning in order to […]

New Relic APM is the uptime monitoring DevOps tool. This analytics product helps you to check the performance of the application and provide real time data. New Relic Features Monitor performance of External Services It allows full-stack alerting Organize, visualize, evaluate with in-depth analytics Provide a precise picture of dynamically changing systems. The external service’s […]

AppBeat is a tool for monitoring websites and servers. It helps you to see if your services are unresponsive or have any downtime. AppBeat is a cutting-edge tool for keeping track of your websites and online services. If a failure or potential problem is discovered, we will contact you through email or SMS as quickly […]

SmartBear is a tool for application performance monitoring, software testing and API management, and software development. It has a network of 350+ private monitoring options. Features: It detects performance anomalies for websites or web applications. This tool helps you to analyze multi-step API transactions without writing code. It monitors and reports on SLA (Service-Level Agreement) […]

AlertBot is a website monitoring tool that offers advanced features that are easy to use for testing your websites, web applications, servers and API’s. They provide detailed reports that help pinpoint website problems and identify bottlenecks so you can act quickly. Features: It is simple, intuitive, and easy to setup with great customer support. It […]

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