Did you know that modern web browsers offer several storage options for web applications? And each storage option is unique and has its properties and applications. However, choosing the right storage option for your use case requires a solid understanding of their properties and limitations. What is Browser Storage? Browser storage or called web storage […]

SmartBear is a tool for application performance monitoring, software testing and API management, and software development. It has a network of 350+ private monitoring options. Features: It detects performance anomalies for websites or web applications. This tool helps you to analyze multi-step API transactions without writing code. It monitors and reports on SLA (Service-Level Agreement) […]

Solarwinds is uptime monitor application that helps you to troubleshoot the issue from a single dashboard. You can use this tool to customize the web-based performance dashboards, charts, and views. Features: You can monitor performance from multiple locations. It provides a detailed load-time report. You will get complete website performance monitoring for better visibility. It […]

Paessler Website Monitoring is a tool that can monitor the availability of site 365 per year. This application can check the load time of your website. Features: It ensures that your website run smoothly with no hassle. This application can monitor more than one URLs with ease. It has built in alarm. Paessler can analyze […]

Applications Manager is an application performance monitoring software that provides deep visibility into the performance and user experience of your business-critical applications and infrastructure components. It helps you to isolate and resolve performance issues across your entire application stack quickly – from the URL to the line of code – with minimal overhead, before your customers are affected. Organizations of […]

Infrastructure is everything that is the main support for the implementation of a process. IT infrastructure is a service in the field of technology that provides a platform and plays an important role in running information systems and software applications in a company. For articles in the infrastructure category, we will discuss the choice of […]

Getting Started cPanel is a web hosting control panel (software that facilitates the management of a web hosting server) developed by cPanel, L.L.C., an American corporation. The software provides a graphical interface (GUI) and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a website to the website owner or the “end-user”. WHM (Web Host Manager) is a control dashboard that will make it […]

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