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Vultr is a cloud servers provider that uses 100% high-performance SSD (solid-state drive). Vultr aims to create the most reliable and efficient hosting service for developers around the globe. Founded in 2014 by David Aninowsky, it has launched more than 40.000.000 cloud servers. 

All the servers offer 100% solid-state drives (SSD) using the latest generation Intel CPUs on a feature-rich control panel. It has 17 data centers located in different countries all over the world. This enables you to get your cloud server instance spun up in only 60 seconds. Enjoy the low latency no matter where you or your customers may be. 

For the products, Vultr offers Cloud compute, Bare metal, Object Storage, Block Storage, Dedicated Cloud, and Load Balancers. Unlike other cloud hosting providers, it provides powerful hosting plans and an easy-to-use interface that make it easier for you to navigate your websites and faster to get started. 

What are the main features of Vultr?

All products and plans of Vultr hosting services include: 

17 Worldwide Data Center Locations

With 17 data centers in every continent, you can spin up your cloud website’s performances no matter where you are. Develop on the one closest to you and deploy on the ones closest to your customers. 

Advanced Networking Options

Vultr enables you to deploy highly customizable and scalable cloud infrastructure with powerful networking features:

  • Bring your own IP space
  • Vultr direct connect
  • Native DDoS mitigation 

High-Performance IP Networks

Another fantastic feature is the dedicated IP addresses, which can be altered. This gives the illusion of a dedicated server while the ultra-fast Intel cores offer fantastic reliability. 

Secure Private Networking

Powerful private network flexibility allows you to segment instances in one or more separate private networks in each regional point of presence. 

Reserved IPs

Add the predictability of permanent IPs by reserving IPv4 and IPv6 address space on your account. With this feature, you can attach any IPs from your reserved pool to any of your cloud or bare metal servers or move them to new instances as you create and destroy resources. 

Fast Servers

Vultr compute features 100% SSD and latest generation Intel CPUs. This makes sure your servers run faster than anyone. 

One-click Installer

Easily install applications with a one-click installer from Vultr. It includes popular web applications and managerial tools, such as cPanel, Drupal, Magenta, Joomla!, MediaWiki, PrestaShop, and WordPress. 

Wide Variety of Operating System

No need to use multiple providers as you can configure different operating systems for your different cloud instances. Vultr has built-in support for CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, and Windows. However, you can also upload an operating system of your own. 

Great Control Panel

Custom your control panel from Vultr and easily launch new instances from any device. Moreover, you can also keep an eye on performance and server health, bandwidth and CPU usage, even a real-time display of how much money is owed. 

Customer Support

Vultr offers great customer care advice. You can reach out to the customer care team directly through email, ticketing, or social media. Also, Its website provides many FAQs and helpful guides. 

In addition to the internal support, there’s also a vibrant online community. This can be found at and can be very useful for developers of all experience levels. 

Why should I use Vultr? 

Powerful Cloud Solution

From instant global deployment, feature-rich control panel, and powerful APIs, Vultr provides you all functionality for your cloud servers. Not only that, but it also offers the latest generation Intel CPUs and 100% SSD storage to make sure your servers run in high performance. 

Vultr also allows the use of custom ISOs, which can be mounted, customized, and redeployed. Also, you can duplicate one of your server setups on new instances across the Vultr network using the snapshot feature. 

Outstanding Fast Server

In addition to Vultr’s high technology, it has the largest worldwide networks with data centers spread out in 17 different cities all over the world. They are located in Chicago, Miami, Amsterdam, New Jersey, Dallas, Paris, Tokyo, Seattle, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Atlanta, London, Frankfurt, Sydney, Toronto, and Seoul. 

Enjoy the low latency servers for you and your customers wherever they are in the world. 

Suitable for both developers and beginners

Cloud servers tend to be a little more tricky than regular servers because of the unfamiliar experience. With Vultr, you’ll need to configure and deploy the instances yourself. However, Vultr simplifies it with the one-click installers and the clean user experience that is suitable for beginners. 

Easy-to-use interface

Unlike the other cloud server providers, Vultrs offers a clean and user-friendly interface. It also gives you greater control over the specifics and allows you to customize your setup. 

Simple & Straightforward Pricing Options

When you see the pricing options of Vultr, you might find that they are described simply and relatively easy. You can build your own plans or use the existing packages, with both hourly and monthly pricing available. All of this allows you to pay only for what you want. 

Even though the pricing is towards the higher end of the market, that’s covered by the flexibility and the way that it allows you to deploy instances that have only the resources that you actually need. 

It accepts all kinds of different payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.

What does Vultr offer?

Vultr offers 4 cloud services: Cloud Computing, Bare Metal, Dedicated Cloud, and Block Storage. 

Cloud Computing 

Cloud Computer is a cloud-based hosting that does not require a long-term commitment. With this option, you can deploy from any of the 17 locations around the world almost instantaneously.

It is perfect for your web application or development environment. 

As the user, you will get root access to your server instance, API access, your choice of operating system, and a feature-rich control panel to manage everything related to your website and hosting. 

Cloud Compute has several plan options varying from the amount of SSD storage, CPU count, memory, and bandwidth.

The pricing starts at $2.50/ month.

See more about Cloud Compute pricing.

Bare Metal

Vultr offers the Bare Metal service for you who want resource-intensive web applications and websites. It is similar to a dedicated server but with the customization that makes you don’t spend all of your time on system administration. In addition to being able to spin up additional resources using automation, you can deploy in just minutes. 

With this, you will get full control of your environment, as well as unrestricted access to everything offered by the physical hardware supporting your website. Compared to compute instances that are deployed in a virtualized cloud environment, these servers are suitable for even the most resource-intensive workloads. 

Bare metal has 2 plan options: Intel E3-1270v6 and Intel E-2288G. The features differ in the SSD storage, processor type, CPU scores, memory, bandwidth, and ethernet.

The pricing starts at $120.00/ month.

See more about Bare Metal pricing.

Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated Cloud instances offer resources allocated to you with no noisy neighbors. You can think of it as a more flexible dedicated server option, especially if you might find the Cloud Compute option too little, but the Bare Metal to be too much. 

With this, you can choose to rent 25%, 50%, 75%, or an entire dedicated server with the advantages of the Vultr platform. It includes hourly billing and fast provisioning. 

Dedicated cloud has 4 plan options that mainly differ in the number of SSD storage. There are 120 GB, 2×120 GB, 3×120 GB, and 4×120 GB options that you can choose.

The pricing starts at $60.00/ month.

See more about Dedicated Cloud pricing.

Block Storage

Vultr offers a Block Storage option. This is not web hosting, to be exact it is a highly available (99.99999% availability) storage solution that can be attached to your cloud instances. If you have lots of data like product images, descriptions, transaction records, and etc, you can consider the Block Storage option. 

Block storage comes with a fast all-NVMe scalable block storage with data protection and volume sizes up to 10TB. The pricing is scalable according to how much storage you need for your instances.

See more about Block Storage scalable pricing.

Where can I get Vultr?

You need to create an account first on Vultr’s official website, choose your plan, link your payment method, then Vultr directs you on what to do next.

Try Vultr with Cloudways for free.

How to use Vultr?


  1. Great performance
  2. Variety hosting plans 
  3. Flexible pricing
  4. Simple & clean interface
  5. Nice infrastructure 


  1. Do not provide managed hosting solution
  2. Poor customer support
  3. Lack of information about security 


Vultr is a cloud servers provider that offers the easiest-to-use, highest-performance, and most cost-effective cloud computing platform. You will be provided with a good balance between high-performance edge services and easy scalability. On top of that, the user interface allows both the developers and beginners to get started with Vultr.

Despite its great performances, Vultr is lacking in customer support as it does not offer live chat or phone support. 


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