InMotion is a green website hosting provider that has been in the field for around 19 years. Since its founding in 2001, InMotion has offices in Los Angeles and Virginia Beach. It is one of the oldest hosting companies in the market with a proven track record. In fact, InMotion has hosted over 170k websites all over the world. 

Why should you choose InMotion?

It is a green hosting

Since 2010 InMotion has utilized advanced Outside Air Cooling technology for its data center’s carbon footprint. This new technology considerably reduces the energy consumed by the data center for cooling purposes. Furthermore, InMotion has partnered with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote sustainable agroforestry.

Good choice for eCommerce Support

Besides its partnership with Trees, InMotion also has an active partnership with Prestashop and other leading eCommerce services, making it a good option for you who look for web hosting with an eCommerce experience.

Super security with Smartwall Threat Defense System (TDS)

Partnering with Corero Network Security, InMotion security offers a unique security measure called the Smartwall Threat Defense System or TDS. Corero’s TDS is a family of DDoS protection appliances that detect, mitigate, and eliminate DDoS attacks in real-time. It is among the most impressive security system in existence. So, you can rest assured to leave your website in InMotion’s hand.

A leader in supporting Open Source Project

InMotion has a bunch of application integrations. Since InMotion revamped its website in 2013, they have now up to 310 apps, add-ons, and scripts that you can install with a single click. InMotion uses the Softaculous auto-installer, which is compatible with third-party apps that range from shopping cart software to content management systems, to social networking tools. You can find everything from popular content management systems like WordPress and Drupal to shopping carts or eCommerce systems like Prestashop and Magento.

Include Jetpack plugin in all hosting plans

Starting in 2018, InMotion adds the Jetpack WordPress plugin for free in its hosting packages. It makes an official partnership with Automattic, the organization which founded WordPress. Using the plugin Jetpack, you will get the marketing, security, and social media features ready for your WordPress. 

The entry-level plan comes with the free version of the plugin. You’ll get free Jetpack Personal licenses on the WP-2000/3000 packages and free Professional on the WP-4000/5000/6000 plans. 

What are the main features of InMotion?

  • SSD storage
  • Domain name
  • Data backups
  • SSL certificate
  • Free website builder
  • Flexible coding options (MySQL, PHP, Ruby, PostgreSQL, etc)
  • Feature-packed add-ons and scripts
  • DDoS and hack protection with TDS
  • Free website migration
  • 1-click app installer
  • 24/7 expert staff support 

What does InMotion offer?

InMotion offers six types of web hosting services along with a series of other website service tools. These included shared, VPS, dedicated, reseller, and managed WordPress hosting.

  • Shared Hosting

InMotion offers 4 plans for its shared hosting. Lite for the beginners, Launch for the starter of online business, Power for high traffic website, and Pro for the maximum performance eCommerce business. The differences between these plans lie in the number of websites, SSD storage, email addresses, and support of MySQL databases and add-on domains (advanced caching, SLA). All plans include free domain and SSL, security suite, and marketing tools. 

The price for each plan differ based on the type (Lite, Launch, Power, Pro) and the time subscription (1, 2, 3 years). You will get the cheapest Lite plan with a 3 years subscription for $2.49/ month including the discount.

Find out more about InMotion’s shared hosting plans here.

  • VPS Hosting

To avoid performance disturbances caused by a shared server environment, you can opt to go for VPS hosting that InMotion offers. There are 3 choices to pick from based on the RAM, VPS 2 GB RAM, VPS 4 GB RAM, VPS 6 GB RAM, and VPS 8 RAM. The differences between these plans are varying amounts of CPU cores, RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and dedicated IP addresses. All the plans include free SSL, website transfer & server setup, cPanel, optional root access, eCommerce optimization, SSH access, and customized advanced policy firewall.

The price for each plan differs depending on the type of plans (2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB) and the time subscription (1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years). You can get the cheapest VPS 2 GB RAM with 6 months subscription for $17.99/ month including a discount.

Find out more about InMotion VPS hosting plans here.

  • Dedicated Hosting

InMotion’s dedicated hostings are designed for enterprise-level websites. There are 2 plans offered for the dedicated hosting, managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting plans. With a managed dedicated server plan, you have all the resources of the machine managed by a team of in-house technical professionals. This plan comes with 3 types: Essential, Advanced, and Elite. Other than pricing and monthly data transfer limits, those plans differ in the amount of supported IPs, disk space, RAM, CPU Cores, and Clock Speed. Additional common features included in every dedicated server are RAID-1 SSD drives, SSH access, optional root access, and fast hardware upgrades done in 2-hours.

On the contrary, the unmanaged dedicated server plan or the so-called Bare Metal Dedicated Server you will be responsible for maintaining your server operating system updates, security patches, and other complex tasks via the command line. That’s why this plan is ideal for advanced users such as system administrators, web developers, and IT administrators.

Find out more about InMotion’s Dedicated Hosting here.

  • Managed WordPress

InMotion offers 4 different plan for its managed WordPress services, WP-1000S, WP-2000S, WP-3000S, and WP-4000S. Each plan differs in the number of websites, SSD storage, PHP workers per site, MySQL database, etc. All plans have included free domain & SSL, unlimited emails, CDN, premium WordPress plugin, marketing tools, security suite, and advanced caching. You can get the cheapest WP-1000S with 3 years subscription for $4.99/ month including a discount.

Find out more about InMotion Managed WordPress hosting plan here.

Pros :

  • Green hosting
  • Great for eCommerce
  • Good speed of 389 ms
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Free site migration
  • You can pick your data centers
  • Super security system

Cons :

  • No monthly billing
  • Traditional phone verification 
  • Not the cheapest hosting 


InMotion is a decent web hosting provider with good speed and support service. They offer plenty of features for their web hosting plans, especially for the eCommerce website. We recommend you to use InMotion as the choice of your web hosting provider if you are alright with a long-time subscription, high renewal prices, and so-so uptime records. 

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