Intruder - effortlessly level up your security

Intruder - effortlessly level up your security

Getting Started

Intruder is an online vulnerability scanner to find cybersecurity weaknesses in your website or other digital infrastructures. To avoid any data breaches, it provides you with over 10.000 security checks on schedule. Now, you can enjoy the same level of security as big banks and governments easily using Intruder. 

Founded in 2015, Intruder has been trusted by 1000+ companies worldwide, for instance, Saxo Bank, Ravelin, Elliptic, and Litmus. Indeed, it is an effective cybersecurity with powerful features. In terms of scanning, Intruder is able to scan your public and private servers, cloud systems, websites, and endpoint systems. Also, it detects vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations, missing patches, encryption weaknesses, and application bugs (including SQL injection and cross-site scripting) in unauthenticated areas. 

How does Intruder work?

To be at the same level as big banks and governments’ security, undoubtedly Intruder uses advanced testing, scanning, assessment tool inside. 

Penetration Testing

Intruder finds cybersecurity weaknesses in your digital infrastructure by performing penetration testing. In other words, Intruder’s skilled security tester attempts to find weaknesses and breach the security of your systems to get an in-depth security assessment. The process is done both manually and automatically

Overall, Intruder can perform the testing for web applications, APIs, cloud systems, external infrastructure, or you can request any specific infrastructure. After that, all the latest weaknesses detected will be comprehensively reported to you to prevent future data breaches and attacks.

Cloud Vulnerability Scanning

Intruder performs cloud vulnerability scanning to finds weaknesses in your digital infrastructure. It secures your cloud systems by scanning the vulnerabilities seamlessly with the three major cloud providers, AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Moreover, you can perform an hourly check for new IP addresses or hostnames on your cloud systems using Intruder’s CloudBot. Not only cloud providers, but Intruder also integrates with Slack, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Zapier, and Rest API. Make it easier for vulnerabilities management.

External Vulnerability Scanner 

Intruder provides you with an external vulnerability scanner to prevent security holes in your most exposed systems on the internet. Precisely, this scanner is scanning your system for vulnerabilities which include web-layer security problems like SQL injection and cross-site scripting and infrastructure weaknesses like remote code execution flaws. It also scans other security misconfigurations, for instance, weak encryption configurations, and systems that are unnecessarily exposed. You will get comprehensible and detailed reports about the impact of issues, and the types of real-world attacks that can arise from them. 

Internal Vulnerability Scanner 

Securing your internal system is necessary too as a malicious email or unpatched software can cause a hole for data breaches by unauthorized users. That’s why Intruder provides an internal vulnerability scanner in enterprise-grade. Specifically, Intruder uses an industry-leading scanning engine that’s used by banks and governments all over the world. With over 67,000 local checks available for historic vulnerabilities, and new ones being added regularly. It automatically checks for common mistakes, configuration weaknesses, missing patches, and encryption weaknesses. 

What are the features of Intruder?

The features offered by Intruder are varying to the service plans you choose.

However, all plans include the following basic features:

  • A scheduled monthly scan.
  • Checks for over 9000 security. vulnerabilities across infrastructures, including cloud platforms.
  • Checks for web application flaws, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting, in unauthenticated areas.
  • External & internal security scans.
  • Online support chat 

If you upgrade to the Pro plan, you will get additional features like:

  • Unlimited scheduled and on-demand scans.
  • Emerging threat notifications.
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Azure Cloud Connectors.
  • API & developer integrations.
  • SSL/ TLS certificate monitoring
  • Smart Recon
  • Network Review 

Furthermore, when you use the Verified plan, it provides you all basic and Pro features plus:

  • Enterprise-grade scanning.
  • Manual verification of your scan results by Intruder’s penetration testing feature.
  • False-positive reduction.
  • Issue combination. 
  • Impact review.
  • Freeform bug hunting. 

Why should I use Intruder? 

  • High-level security as banks and governments.
  • Automatically scan your system for new threats and alerts you right away.
  • Uncomplicated set up and process.
  • Provides over 10.000 security checks ensuring high-level security.
  • Saving your time by providing a comprehensible and detailed report on your security holes.
  • Many integrations with cloud providers and other significant software.

How is the pricing of Intruder?

Intruder offers its services in three range of plans that suit everyone from startups to large corporates. 

The choices are flexible as they allow you to pay either monthly or annually. You will get a 10% discount on your annual payment. Besides, the prices in each plan are scalable based on the number of infrastructures you want to secure. 

The 3 plans offered by Intruder are:

  • Essential 

The annually billed prices range from $97/ month for 1 infrastructure up to $666/ month for 250 infrastructures. 

As for the monthly billed prices range from $108/ month for 1 infrastructure up to $740/ month for 250 infrastructures. 

  • Pro

The annually billed prices range from $161/ month for 1 infrastructure up to $849/ month for 250 infrastructures. 

As for the monthly billed prices range from $180 for 1 infrastructure up to $944/ month for 250 infrastructures. 

  • Verified

The verified plan is only billed annually. As for the price, it starts from $1.195/ month plus a target fee. 

Find out more about Intruder’s pricing and the features included in each plan.

Where can I get Intruder? 

Intruder offers premium services that you can check out on its official website.

However, if you are still unsure to pay for the Intruder premium plan, you can start Intruder’s 30-day free trial before deciding on the plans you need.

How to use Intruder? 


  1. High-level security
  2. Works excellent
  3. Scalable price
  4. Easy to use & setup
  5. 30-day free trial


  1. Do not offer free service
  2. Quite pricey


Intruder is a premium cloud-based vulnerability scanner that helps to find weaknesses in your digital infrastructure. It works effortlessly by proactively scanning vulnerabilities and testing penetration that make vulnerability management so easy.

With Intruder, you can enjoy high-level security with over 10.000 security checks. Besides, Intruder also gives a comprehensible report that explains the risks, threats, & helps with remediation before a breach can occur. As for integration, Cloud Connectors for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure help you synchronize your systems with Intruder. Developer integrations with Slack and Jira make keeping up to date so simple.


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