Using Pentest-Tools, Find and Report Vulnerabilities in Websites and Network Infrastructures!

Using Pentest-Tools, Find and Report Vulnerabilities in Websites and Network Infrastructures! helps you to find and report vulnerabilities in websites and network infrastructures in a matter of minutes. They provide a collection of strong and closely integrated pentesting tools that make pentest engagements easier, faster, and more successful.

What is Pentest-Tools Vision & Mission?


To provide the most effective online platform for penetration testing and cyber security assessments while also assisting our customers in improving their knowledge of vulnerabilities and how to address them.


Assist your customers in becoming tenfold more effective at making their businesses more robust to cyber-attacks.

What are Pentest-Tools Values?


They always wear their white-hat and are passionate about ethical hacking, both in terms of ideals and in terms of practice. They do not promote or support any unethical behavior or actions.


They keep their promises, communicate openly, and solicit input from their consumers on a regular basis. They value your confidence in their company and hold themselves accountable for maintaining it.


They despise sloppy programming and unpredictable outcomes. As a result, they aim to provide a platform on which their consumers may entirely trust. They also use it on a regular basis and incorporate client input into upgrades and new features.

What Are the Features Inside Pentest-Tools?

Visualize your scan results in the Dashboard

You can get a fast summary of your scan findings using the Dashboard. It’s a fantastic location to keep track of your scan activities, as well as a graphical overview of the vulnerabilities found and a list of your most recent scans.

Detailed reports

They make every effort to make the reports as user-friendly and understandable as possible. Each tool report begins with a graphical overview of the findings before moving on to the Findings section. Details about each discovered vulnerability may be found here, including a description, evidence, risk, and advice for how to address it.

White Label Reports

The Enterprise plan allows you to generate white label reports, which means you may replace their branding with your own. 

Advanced Pentest Report Generation Tool

The Pentest Report Generation Tool is a distinct component of their platform. This enables you to create editable docx reports from pentest findings.

Schedule periodic scans

By scheduling frequent scans, you can keep an eye on the security of your systems at all times. They can be set to run daily, weekly, or monthly at a specific time. Additionally, you have the option of receiving scan reports straight to your own email account or to a separate email address of your choosing.

Scan through VPN

This functionality allows you to scan internal networks or protected network segments using VPN tunnels. You may utilize this feature to find vulnerabilities on your internal network by running any of their security products across encrypted VPN tunnels.

Scanning through VPN also enables you to alter the source IP of your scans to comply with your customer’s firewall regulations.

Access the tools programmatically via the API

You may use the API to connect their platform to your own tools and procedures. You may, for example, have automated scans run whenever you launch a new website or make a modification to your application. You may also use our scanning engines to create your own tools.

Use Scan Templates to run multiple tools against the same target

Each scanner for the same target does not need to be run manually. Scan Templates allow you to gather tools and choices to begin scanning for a target all at once. This saves you time and improves the efficiency of your job.

Scan multiple targets at once

You may also scan several targets at once by selecting them and running a scanner against them. Each target will have its own scan, which will be shown in the Scans window.

Organize your work with workspaces

Workspaces are a great method to organize your goals based on the project you’re working on, the customer you’re working with, the process, and so on. All of your current work is saved in the current workspace (which can be set from the dropdown menu). Targets, on the other hand, may be moved across workspaces and deleted if they are no longer needed.

Keep a history of your scans and compare them over time

Having a history of your scans helps you to understand how your targets’ security has changed over time. You may compare previous and current results to discover what’s changed.

You have the option of permanently deleting the scan history at any time.

Don’t lose your ideas with Notes

Notes is a basic notebook that allows you to keep track of your thoughts on the scanning activity/results so they don’t get lost. It’s great for to-do lists, short-term ideas, and topics that need additional research, among other things.

Why Should You Pentesting?

Pentesting reveals where and how a hostile attacker could attempt to compromise your network. This allows you to address any flaws before an actual assault takes place. According to Positive Technologies’ new analysis, almost every organization has vulnerabilities that attackers may exploit.

How to Do the Penetration Testing?


They Are Capable of Detecting a Variety of Flaws

Businesses are vulnerable to a variety of threats, and each one may be able to exploit hundreds of different flaws.

Such flaws are vulnerable to potentially devastating assaults like SQL injection, and even seemingly harmless error pages can supply attackers with enough information to exploit a less visible but far more dangerous flaw.

They Can Spot High-Risk Flaws That Are the Outcome Of a Collection of Lesser Flaws.

Tiny vulnerabilities may look insignificant on their own, but hackers frequently seek out these flaws to construct attack sequences that need small, continuous efforts to peel open security holes into much bigger flaws.

These flaws are frequently ignored by companies or automated security systems, but because pen testers mimic a hacker’s tactics, they will be able to spot them.

Reports Will Provide Specific Advice

Reporting the vulnerabilities is the final stage of a penetration test.

Unlike reports created automatically by technologies that provide broad repair advice, penetration test reports can rank and assess vulnerabilities based on the severity of the risk and the company’s budget.


They May Do a Lot of Damage If They Aren’t Done Correctly.

Failure to conduct tests correctly can cause servers to fail, disclose sensitive data, damage critical production data, and a variety of other problems connected with simulating a criminal breach.

You Must Have Faith in The Penetration Tester.

Penetration testing is asking someone to break into your systems, therefore you must trust the tester not to misuse their abilities and knowledge.

Your security efforts may backfire dramatically if you don’t recruit someone you can trust to execute the job.

The Findings Will Be Deceptive If You Don’t Use Actual Test Circumstances.

Employees are more inclined to prepare for a test that they are aware will occur, giving the impression that the company is stronger than it is.

A real attack will strike without notice and in novel and difficult-to-prepare methods.


Cyber-attacks are inexpensive to launch, but they are costly to the organizations that are targeted. Attacks may cripple a firm’s systems, result in huge penalties and harm to a company’s reputation, and the little cost required to carry out an attack means that no organization is too small to be attacked.

This is where penetration testing (also known as “pen testing”) comes into play. It’s essentially a regulated type of hacking in which a professional pen tester working for a corporation employs the same tactics as a criminal hacker to look for flaws in the company’s networks or apps. Penetration testing is widely recognized as a critical component of cyber security (it is, for example, a requirement of a number of regulatory standards and compliance systems), yet it is not without flaws.


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