Probely - Intensive Vulnerabilities Scanner to Protect Your Website Application (Review 2021)

Probely - Intensive Vulnerabilities Scanner to Protect Your Website Application (Review 2021)

Protecting your business from any vulnerability is important. Therefore, it’s an obligation to have reliable vulnerability scanners.  Vulnerability scanners are valuable tools that search for and report on what known vulnerabilities are present in an organization’s IT infrastructure. In fact, these scans can give you an idea of what security threats you may be facing by giving insights into potential security weaknesses present in their environment.

In this article, we will review Probely, an intensive vulnerabilities scanner that is perfect to protect any kind of business.

Getting Started

Probely is a security testing tool that automates vulnerability scanning. It scans your web apps and APIs in real-time and allows you to fix the vulnerabilities it discovers. Not only scanning for vulnerabilities, but Probely also includes instructions on how to address each vulnerability.

Probely’s services are customized for developers, security teams, and management teams’ needs. Therefore, Probely can help manage security, save time, and reduce costs when it comes to security testing. Moreover, it’s adaptable to match the technologies you use since it is a developer-centric product. You may add numerous environment targets to Probely and scan them with different scanning profiles. This means you can run more aggressive and intrusive scans in your testing environment while running safer scans against your production app. 

In addition to its web interface, Probely offers all functionalities via an API. Developers may use it to completely integrate security testing with their CI/CD pipelines. Of course, you should learn more about how to utilize the API. However, you can find the comprehensive documentation on Probely’s website. Apart from that, Slack and Jira integrations are also available.

What Does Probely Do?

Probely scans the vulnerabilities on your web applications or APIs so that you can fix them right away. Not only that but in the process, Probely also:

Finds your vulnerabilities

So far, Probely scans your web application or API for more than 5000 vulnerabilities. After that, it will automatically rank the vulnerabilities based on the severity. Not only that, but it also includes the “how-to-fix” and a history log, so you can keep track of them.

Report only relevant vulnerabilities

Probely is only reporting the vulnerabilities that you should care about. This way developers don’t waste time so they can focus on fixing the real problems. If the finding is unexploitable, Probely won’t report it.

How to fix vulnerabilities guidance

After scanning, Probely reports the vulnerabilities along with each description, evidence of it, and helpful code or configuration snippets that you can use to fix it. Probely detects the technologies you use and tailor the instructions to your case. Therefore, you won’t need to through a wall of text to find the fix you need.

Integrate & automated scanner

Everything in Probely runs automatically, so all you need to do is configure them in the settings. You also can schedule a daily scan and have the results sent to a Slack channel with Probely. Moreover, you can easily integrate with anything through Probely API.

Automate with API

Probely takes an API-First approach to development. All new features are added to the API first, then to the user interface. Every functionality in the Probely app’s UI is accessible via an API. Therefore, you can integrate Probely into your existing development and security procedures. For instance, you can use it to integrate Probely tests with your CI/CD pipeline, issue tracker, or Slack.

Furthermore, you may also register account-based or target-based webhooks to have Probely inform your application whenever an event occurs.

What Are The Features of Probely?

  • API
  • Application Security
  • Asset Discovery
  • Authentication
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Compliance Management
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Network Scanning
  • Network Security
  • PCI Compliance
  • Prioritization
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Threat Protection & Response
  • Vulnerability Assessment, Protection, and Scanning
  • Web Scanning
  • Web-Application Security
  • Website Crawling
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting

What Are Probely Products?

Probely offers two bundle products, Standard Edition & Enterprise Edition.

Standard Edition

This is the basic version of Probely to offer autonomy security. It provides independent and automatic security testing. Therefore it is suitable for developing businesses that don’t have their own cybersecurity staff and rely on their development or DevOps teams to do security testing.

The tool is elegant and simple to use.  Indeed, it allows you to begin scanning in under five minutes. After the scanning, Probely will disclose all the issues found, along with step-by-step directions to resolve them.

Basic Edition includes some great features including:

  • Report only relevant vulnerabilities
  • API-first development
  • How to fix vulnerabilities guidance

Enterprise Edition

This is the premium version of Probely built for businesses with a high number of attack surfaces. Probely will protect their web applications, APIs, and internal targets. That’s to say, it provides enterprise-level functionalities, such as roles and permissions or single sign-on.

In addition to that, it also offers exclusive features. These include standalone API scanning, a separate agent to scan internal targets, a UI that is focused on managing the risks for a large number of targets, and a complete set of integrations with 3rd-party software.

With Probely Enterprise Edition, you get automated security testing in the most efficient way. It integrates your security testing into your development processes, making it more efficient. Furthermore, it implies that you report on the security vulnerabilities that matter, with no false positives and clear instructions on how to fix them.

Enterprise Edition includes exclusive features including:

  • Internal Target Scanning

Now, you can scan any site hosted on your internal or private network using Probely Enterprise’s agent. You may link the agent to your account and map targets to agents for scanning once you download and install it. Moreover, you can use it to search for targets in different parts of the world.

  • API Vulnerability Scanning

Probely Enterprise can also scan standalone APIs as well as APIs in the context of Single-Page Applications if the schema is provided.

With this, you can deliver the schema in OpenAPI/Swagger or provide a battery of tests using Postman Collections. Furthermore, you can also configure dynamic authentication, using a JWT from the authentication response for instance. In addition to that, you can set custom values for attributes in your schema.

  • Granular Roles & Permissions

Probely Enterprise allows you to grant only the level of access required to complete a certain activity. Moreover, it allows you to design your own roles and assign them globally or on a per-role basis. You can set the access to a single member, the whole team, or an auditor. As a result, it can help to lower your security risk even more.

  • Enterprise Focused UI

Indeed, the Enterprise edition of Probely was created for businesses with a large number of online apps and APIs to manage their security posture. Hence, it features a metric-rich dashboard, a list of results across all apps organized by risk or filtered into groups. In addition to that, there is an overview of all your targets with their risk rating and when they were last scanned. Basically, you have everything you need to manage your targets, weaknesses, and risk effectively.

Who Can Use Probely?

With Probely, you can add a virtual security specialist to your team, find vulnerabilities fast and learn how to fix them at once. This comprehensive web application and API vulnerability scanner can benefit many parties, for instance:

  • Developers
  • Security teams
  • DevOps
  • Compliance
  • SaaS businesses

Is Probely Free?

Probely is a freemium service where it also offers a free scan for you. The free version allows you to assess and improve your security with a quick, basic scan.

How Much Does Probely Cost?

There are three premium plans in Probely pricing. The pricing increases according to the number of websites you targeted. Also, all plans start with a 14-day free trial.


  • Great for small businesses on a limited budget.
  • Price starts from €39 per month or €468 per year.


  • Perfect for growing businesses that value efficiency and flexibility.
  • Price starts from €69 per month or €828 per year.


  • Suitable for established businesses that want the freedom to add or remove targets.
  • Price starts from €399 per month or €4788 per year.

Find out the details of Probely pricing plans & features here.


  • Simple to use
  • The premium plans are decent in features & prices
  • Allow you to create a multiple environment target
  • Provides test for both your staging and production environments


  • Restricted to a single machine as well as a single domain
  • Lack of capability, for example, it can detect vulnerabilities in a web app but not an out-of-date web server.
  • Custom vulnerability scores may differ from vulnerability scoring used by others

What Are The Alternatives to Probely?

There are other security scanning tools that you can use. Here are the tools that can be Probely alternatives:

  • Intruder – cloud-based vulnerability scanner with automated results.
  • Detectify – website security service by the best ethical hackers.
  • ImmuniWeb – application security service using AI.
  • Qualys – powerful cloud-based vulnerability scanner directly from the browser.
  • Pentest Tools – penetration testing service for website and infrastructure.
    Pentest Tools
  • Observatory – the most detailed website security checker on the internet.
    Observatory by Mozilla


Probely is a web application vulnerability scanner for developers, security teams, DevOps, and SaaS Businesses. You can delegate vulnerabilities to your team members to be addressed using Probely. Probely can be linked with JIRA to sync scan data, and it can also be integrated with Slack to provide notifications when scans start or conclude, as well as any vulnerabilities discovered.


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