SEMRush - Ultimate Online Marketing Tool for Your Business (Review 2021)

SEMRush - Ultimate Online Marketing Tool for Your Business (Review 2021)

Are you looking for a tool that can help you come up with ideas and strategies on content, SEO, advertising, and social media marketing? Then you should try Semrush, the all-in-one online marketing tool for your business!

What Is Semrush?

Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for digital marketing. It helps you to improve online visibility and discover marketing insights. With this tool, you can do SEO, PPC, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, Campaign Management, and Social Media Marketing from just one platform. This tool is very important for marketing agencies where most of their client are businesses and brands wherewith this tool it can help them identify and analyze the brand position and create an effective strategy to increase brand awareness and also sales.

Being one of the oldest and the best SEO tools since its establishment in 2008, Semrush helped 7 million marketers all over the world. It has been trusted by many major companies like Tesla, Apple, Forbes, and IBM to optimize thei visibility across key channels and create engaging content for their users.

Semrush offers its service in free and premium plans. There are three premium plans that you can choose from: Pro, Guru, and Business. All plans of Semrush allow you to look for the keywords to target, and also audit the website and correct the issues, if any, to improve the organic reach. Furthermore, Semrush also gives a comprehensive competitor analysis for you to understand and comprehend competitors’ success.

What Does Semrush Do?

In short, Semrush provides you with:

  • Access over 20 billion keywords for 130 countries to improve your content’s performance
  • Track how your keywords are working and thereafter monitor their performance on Google
  • Run in-depth website audit based on 130+ checks
  • Get content recommendations to increase search rankings
  • Track and analyze competitor websites and their marketing strategies
  • Find out from where your competitors are sourcing the backlinks.
  • Create and track your PPC campaigns
  • Draft, schedule, and post content on social
  • Create and schedule white-labeled or branded reports

How Does Semrush Work?

Semrush provides you with data, analyzes them for you, and gives you instant recommendations on SEO, content marketing, and advertising that can help you improve your online visibility in days.

Semrush has 40+ tools and reports to find the best solution to your digital marketing challenges. These tools are divided into 5 areas:

  1. SEO – Keyword research, On-page SEO, Local SEO, Rank tracking, Link building, Competitor SEO analysis.
  2. Content – Content marketing, Content creation distribution, Content optimization, Content marketing analytics.
  3. Market Research – Competitor analysis, Market analysis, Paid advertising, Competitor PR monitoring.
  4. Advertising – PPC keyword research, Website Monetization.
  5. SMM & SERM – Social media management.

What Are The Best Features of Semrush?

Semrush has 40+ tools and features provided for you. But, in this article, we are going to summarize the 5 main toolkits along with their best features.

SEO Toolkits

Semrush SEO Toolkit contains 5 primary sections: Competitor Research, Keyword Research, Link Building, Rank Traffic, and Onpage & Tech SEO. These sections are enough for a marketer to develop a strategy using which one can outrank competitors.

Competitor Research

This tool provides you with a comprehensive strategy for ranking your website with business keywords. This option helps you get a sneak peek of your competitor’s work.
It offers the following tools:

  • Domain Overview – see your competitor’s SEO strategies
  • Traffic Analytics – identify your competitor’s main traffic sources
  • Organic Research – analyze your competitor’s organic results
  • Keyword Gap – find keywords targeted by your competitors but not you
  • Backlink Gap – detect websites linking to your competitors but not you

Keyword Research

It helps you gain insights from all the keywords. Using these insights, you can understand how your keywords perform and work out a strategy to get more users on your website.

It offers the following tools:

  • Keyword Overview – perform a thorough keyword analysis
  • Keyword Magic Tool – get millions of keyword suggestions using different match types
  • Organic Traffic Insights – uncover the ‘not provided’ keywords from Google Analytics bringing traffic to your site
  • Keyword Difficulty – estimate how difficult it is to rank for your target keywords

Link Building

Link building plays a very crucial role in forming an SEO strategy. Once you can acquire information for every website backlink profile, it is easier for you to get a clearer picture of how much work you have to put in for your off-page activities.

It offers the following tools:

  • Backlink Analytics – conduct an in-depth analysis of your and your competitors’ backlinks
  • Backlink Audit – review all the details of your backlink profile
  • Link Building Tool – uncover the highest quality backlink opportunities in your niche

Rank Tracking

This tool helps you to track your keyword’s ranking. Therefore, you can stay updated with the progress of your website and ensure that your website is ranking.

It offers the following tools:

  • Position Tracking – keep up with your local Google rankings on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices
  • Sensor – track SERP volatility across various countries and niches

Website Audit (On-Page & Tech SEO)

This tool gives you insight on how to audit your website to make it rank higher in Google.
It offers the following tools:

  • Site Audit – audit your website with 60+ on-page and technical SEO checks
  • On-page SEO Checker – improve your search rankings by analyzing your competitors’ strategies and trends in your industry.

Content Toolkit

Semrush Content Toolkit can help you to do Content Marketing, Content Creation and Distribution, Content Optimization, and Content Marketing Analysis. Here are the tools to use:

  • Topic Research

    Discover content ideas to create engaging content that resonates with your audience.

  • Marketing Calendar

    Manage content strategies, plan editorial calendars, and collaborate with your team.

  • SEO Content Template

    Generate a custom brief for SEO-friendly content in a few clicks that will drive organic traffic to your website

  • SEO Writing Assistant

    Check your SEO score and originality, improve the readability of your content.

  • Brand Monitoring

    Find the most relevant platforms for content distribution, spot industry influencers, and evaluate potential reach.

  • Post Tracking

    Measure the performance of your external publications or your competitors’ articles.

  • Content Audit

    Analyze your content assets to discover your top articles and identify which ones require an update.

  • Content Marketplace

    Indicate a topic and get traffic-driving blog posts from professional authors.

Advertising Toolkits

Semrush Advertising Toolkit helps you to earn some revenue by running ads on your website. This tool works by planning, analyzing, and improving your Google Ads campaigns. There are 4 sections in advertising toolkits: Market Analysis, Keyword Research, Ad Tracking, and Social Media Ads.

  • Market Analysis

    Semrush provides an Advertising Research tool to reveal your main paid search competitors, Display Advertising to gain insights into the audience targeted by your rivals in GDN, and PLA Research to uncover your biggest competitors in Google Shopping.

  • Keyword Research

    There are tools like Keyword Gap, Keyword Magic Tool, and PPC Keyword Tool to design and optimize your Google Ads campaigns.

  • Ad Tracking

    It uses the Position Tracking feature to gain insights from SERP feature analysis of Featured snippets, Shopping ads, and more.

  • Social Media Ads

    It helps you to create and manage ad campaigns for every funnel stage.

Social Media Toolkit

Semrush Social Media Toolkit is the right tool to help you plan and strategize your posts on your social media business accounts with just a single click. You can also schedule when and how your posts will be published. There are tools to schedule posts, get insight, track competitors, boost your posts, and create Social Media Ads.

Why Should I Use Semrush?

  • Help you understand your website’s performance
  • Get you valuable keywords to use
  • Understand and learn your competitors from the same niche
  • Evaluate and increase your traffic
  • Earn valuable backlinks

Can I Use Semrush for Free?

Yes, you can use Semrush for free with limited functionality. The maximum number of requests made to the Analytics reports per day is limited to only 10. In addition to that, as a free user, you can create and manage only one Project and track 10 keywords in Position Tracking.

You can read the comparison between Semrush free and premium versions here.

How Much Does Semrush Cost?

Semrush premium plans & pricing is as follows:


For marketing newbies and small in-house teams.

  • Monthly: $119.95/ month
  • Yearly: $99.95/ month


For SMEs, growing agencies, and marketing consultants.

  • Monthly: $229.95/ month
  • Yearly: $191.62/ month


For large agencies and enterprises.

  • Monthly: $449.95/ month
  • Yearly: $374.95/ month

Find out more about Semrush plans & pricing here.

How to Use Semrush? 

Whether you are a professional blogger, marketing agency, or brand you need tools like this to optimize your marketing strategy. Here is list of tutorial videos to help you to get started with the tool :



  • Easy to use
  • Best features for an all-in-one SEO tool
  • Powerful keyword search tool
  • A comprehensive suite for digital marketing
  • Nice UI with graph and data visualizations
  • Complete support channel (Phone, Chat, Emails)
  • 30-day free trial is available


  • Only provides data for Google
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Expensive price
  • The app is not mobile-friendly

What Are the Alternatives to Semrush? 

There are other SEO tools other than Semrush that you can try out:

  • Ahrefs – best competitor of Semrush
  • Moz – provides free SEO tool
  • Spyfu – great tool to help you spy on your competitors
  • Majestic – cheaper SEO tool
  • Ubersuggest – best free keyword research tool
  • KWfinder – another alternative for free keyword research tool
  • Serpstat –  most cost-effective content marketing tool


Semrush is an all-in-one tool for SEO, Content Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Market Research. You can do every planning and strategy in one platform using Semrush. It provides you with many tools to help you improve your audit your content & website, improve the organic reach, and spying on your competitors. Semrush provides its service both for free and premium. Despite its comprehensive online marketing tools, Semrush requires you to understand some technical knowledge to use them. Also, the premium plans are quite expensive if compared to the other all-in-one SEO tools.


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