Geekflare - Reliable articles, tools, and API provider to assess your website (Review 2021)

Geekflare - Reliable articles, tools, and API provider to assess your website (Review 2021)

Developing a website needs inspiration, guides, and tools. Therefore, searching for resources is a thing to do for website owners. There are many articles on the internet that talk about how to create websites and develop them to be big. Of course, you need to learn from several tutorials and guides to make them into action. Moreover, there are many kinds of tools that also support you to achieve your dream goal website.

In Geekflare, you can get all of that resources in one place. Geekflare provides you with trusted resources, starting from high-quality articles, API, and free tools to help you develop your website. In this article, we will focus on reviewing a part of Geekflare Tools, the Geekflare Website Audit (+speed test tools).

Getting Started

Geekflare is a website that produces high-quality technology articles, free tools, and APIs to help people grow their websites and businesses. Sharing its free resources for everyone since 2015, Geekflare now has over 1050 articles, 35 tools, and APIs that have helped thousands of its readers. Until now, it continues to invest in high-quality articles and tools to assist marketers, bloggers, designers, freelancers, startups, and medium businesses all over the globe.

The founder, Chandan Kumar, started Geekflare as a way to help people by sharing knowledge and ideas. Now, as Geekflare has evolved as the biggest resource provider, it is based in the United Kingdom, and its activities are overseen by Rity Anand. It has much trusted by many famous websites, including Kinsta, Neil Patel, HubSpot, ConvertKit, and many more.

What does Geekflare do?

Geekflare provides free technology-related resources, including articles, tools, and API. Geekflare aims to help the marketer, blogger, designer, freelancer, startup, and medium business to find the best resource to increase sales revenue, rank higher in the search engine, secure & accelerate a site and many more.

Overall, here are the 3 things Geekflare do:

  1. Developing Tools

    Set of free tools to test your site for DNS, Security, Performance, Network, and SEO issues. 

  2. Creating Articles

    A total of 1310 useful and informative articles covering Security, Sysadmin, Digital Marketing,
    Cloud Computing, Development, and many other topics.

  3. Providing APIs

    A rich set of powerful REST APIs that make web security, performance, and monitoring a delight.

Besides that, Geekflare also summarizes the best resources from other websites and makes a tools collection of them. You can check its tools collections for writing, marketing, design, WordPress plugin, SEO, hosting, security, and more.

Geekflare Tools

Geekflare Tools provides you with 35++ free tools to test your site for DNS, Security, Performance, Network, and SEO issues. It covers all aspects of website management, starting from website tests, troubleshoots, and improvement.

From the Geekflare tools homepage, you can immediately test your website by typing in your website URL, host name, or IP address then select what tool you want to run the test. There are tests for the website’s performance audit, TTFB test, TLS scanner, secure headers test, broken link checker, and other 25+ tools.

Geekflare tool tests homepage

What are the Tools inside Geekflare?

There are over 35 free tools to test your website vary from different aspects:

  • DNS
  • SEO
  • Hosting
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Other


  1. DNS Record Lookup
    The DNS lookup tool will be useful for checking the domain’s following records, including their TTL value: A, AAAA, NS, MX, TXT, CNAME, and SOA. If you’ve modified a record and want to see if it’s reflected on the internet, this tool will help you troubleshoot. Or if you want to figure out where a specific domain points to.
  2. CAA Record Lookup
    Geekflare DNS CAA lookup tool can help you identify the CAs (Certificate Authority) of SSL/ TSL certificate configured to issue a standard or wildcard certificate for the domain.
  3. IPv6 Test
    Check if your site or IP is accessible over IPV6. It uses version 6 of the Internet Protocol (IP) to name and locate machines on a network.
  4. Ping Test
    Ping is a tool to determine whether or not you can connect to a server. Through this test, you will receive information about the minimum, average, and maximum latency of your website. Latency is the amount of time it takes for a server to react to your request is measured in milliseconds.
  5. Traceroute Test
    Checks whether your network is slow or not and pinpoint where it is slow. Use this to find network-related issues and immediately do something to improve that.
  6. TCP Port Scanner
    Quickly find out what ports of your website are open on public Internet-facing IP or website. Geekflare uses the powerful Nmap to run this scanner.
  7. IP Location
    Find out where the IP address is located.
  8. What’s My IP
    Quickly find out what is your public internet IP.


Broken Link Checker

Check if your web page contains internal or external broken links


Whois Hosting

Find out the hosting provider of any site, quickly


Geekflare provides 22 different tests for your website. Just choose one of these tools and run the test:

  1. WordPress Security Scanner
  2. TLS Scanner
  3. DNSSEC Test
  4. Blacklist Lookup
  5. HTTP Headers Checker
  6. Secure Headers Test
  7. HSTS Test
  8. HPKP Test
  9. X-Frame-Options Test
  10. X-XSS-Protection Test
  11. Mime Sniffing Test
  12. CSP Test
  13. Cross-Domain-Policy Test
  14. Referrer Policy Test
  15. Expect-CT Test
  16. Feature Policy Test
  17. Secure Cookie Test
  18. Server Signature Test
  19. SPF Record Lookup
  20. TLS 1.3 Test
  21. Mixed Content Checker
  22. JS Vulnerability Scanner


As for performance tests, Geekflare provides 6 tests. Choose the following tests for free:

  1. Website Performance Audit – this tool contains speed & performance tests for websites
  2. HTTP/2 Test
  3. HTTP/ 3 Test
  4. TTFB (Time to First Byte) Test
  5. Capture Screenshot
  6. Random Testing


Sprint Name Generator

Generate sprint name for your development, product management, and support work

What are the Speed Tests in Geekflare?

Geekflare Website Audit

Among many website tests provided by Geekflare for free, Geekflare has a Website Performance Audit that specialized in assessing websites on various parameters that contribute to its search engine ranking and user experience. Using Geekflare Audit, you can check how fast your website loads completely, or in other words, how fast your online business gets to work.

There are 3 tools for website speed tests:

  • Overall Loading Time,
  • Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • First Contentful Paint

Geekflare Website Audit Score

Just open Website Performance Audit, insert your website URL, and run the test. Geekflare will score your website based on its performance, best practices, and SEO. Besides that, it also shows metrics, such as loading time, time to first byte (TTFB), first contentful paint, page size, total blocking time, and HTTP/2.

Geekflare Website Audit Score

Under those scores, Geekflare also provides performance audits, including suggestions that can help your site load faster and more information about the performance of your applications. Not only that, but it also shows what best practices audits you have done on your website. The SEO audits tell you the details of mobile-friendly, content best practices, and crawling & indexing from your website.

To make it easier to read, at the bottom of the report you can see the pie charts of each test result.

What languages are available in Geekflare?

Geekflare is available in four languages

  • English
  • France
  • Espanyol
  • Deutsch

Where can I Access Geekflare?

You can access the official website and you are able to use any PC, Desktop, MAC/IOS to access their website.


  • Good content
  • Nice collection and helpful
  • Helpful free test tools for website


Haven’t found it yet


Geekflare is a technology-related resources provider that creates awesome articles, helpful tools, and easy-to-use APIs. All these resources are open for free for everyone. In Geekflare Tools, you can run tests for your website with 30+ tools. Geekflare has a Website Audit that focuses on checking your website’s best practices, performances, and SEO. In that section, you will discovery its speed test, including loading time, Time to First Byte (TTFB) and first content paint, and several other performance metrics. Geekflare is covering all aspects of website management and is very helpful for growing people’s businesses.


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