GiftOfSpeed is a page speed audit that helps you get your website’s pages to load as quickly as possible. They have years of experience and are certain to know all the ins and outs of getting the most out of any website.

What does GiftOfSpeed Offer? 

Expert Analysis of Your Website

They will conduct a complete examination of your website before beginning to optimize it, ensuring that no chance to increase its performance is overlooked. After everything has been analyzed, any performance concerns that have been discovered will be addressed.

Page Speed Of 3 Seconds or Faster

In almost every scenario, they can optimize a website to load in 3 seconds or less, and in many cases, even faster. When it comes to website optimization, their major goal is to get the most out of it in terms of performance.

Highest Google PageSpeed Score Possible with Your Website

Page speed doesn’t just improve the user experience of your website and increases your sales, it also improves the standing of your website with Google. After our work is done, your website will have the highest score possible with your website.

Page speed not only enhances the user experience of your website and increases revenue, but it also enhances your website’s Google ranking. After we’ve completed our job, your website will have the highest possible score.

Core Web Vitals

They will increase the speed of your website’s Core Web Vitals to the greatest maximum. This year, Google will use the Core Web Vitals (the LCP, CLS, and FID timings) as a ranking component (2021).

Mobile, Desktop & Tablet Optimization

They make a website run well on all devices, including mobile, desktop, and tablets.

No Worries – Issue and Error Free

When your guests visit the website while you work on it, they will see no difference; there will be no downtime or difficulties at any time. The website’s design and functionality will remain unchanged; it will appear and perform precisely as it did before they optimized it. They would work on your website without your assistance as well, but you are always welcome to provide them with ideas or directions on what to look for when optimizing it.

Years of Experience – Results, Professionalism and Confidentiality.

They’ve optimized websites for companies, web shops, organizations, hospitals, universities, and others over the years. Professionalism and confidentiality are vital characteristics to them, since they have years of experience delivering the promised results.

WordPress, Shopify, Static HTML and More

They’ve worked with WordPress (including WooCommerce), Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, and static HTML websites. To ensure maximum performance, the most up-to-date optimal approaches to optimize each particular type of platform will be used.

How Much Does It Cost?

Their costs are incredibly reasonable, especially when compared to the high quality of work they provide and the quickness with which they can deliver results. With the increase in revenue that speed improvements provide, you will quickly recoup your investment. Offer them an email Website Speed Optimization Service | Increase Your Web Performance ( and they’ll examine your site for free and send you a price quote straight away.’

What Tools Do They Offer?

  1. CSS Optimization Test =  how well a web page’s CSS delivery is optimized and then learn how to enhance it.
  2. CSS Compressor = Compress CSS scripts and files to a substantially reduced file size automatically. Page speed is improved by reducing file size.
  3. JavaScript Optimization Test = Run this test to see how you can improve a website’s JavaScript delivery. ed and then learn how to make it better.
  4. Javascript Compressor = Improve and remove faulty and redundant code to compress JavaScript. File uploads are also supported.
  5. Gzip / Brotli Compression Test = Check if gzip or Brotli compression is enabled on your website and how well it compresses your web files.
  6. Image Optimization Test = Test a website for unoptimized images and learn how to improve page speed by optimizing the images.
  7. PNG Compressor = To improve page loading times, reduce the file size of PNG images.
  8. JPEG Compressor = To enhance page speed, compress JPEG photos to the minimum size possible.
  9. CSS Sprites Generator = Reduce the amount of HTTP requests by combining numerous photos into a single picture file.
  10. Caching Test =Examine which files are cached on a website and how they are cached.
  11. Broken Requests Test = Check a web page for broken links, graphics, scripts, and other elements that you can update or eliminate.
  12. HTTP Requests Checker = Determine how many (and what type of) HTTP requests a page makes. To improve website load times, reduce the number of requests.
  13. Base64 Encoder = Reduce the number of HTTP queries performed by a web page by converting web files to a Base64 string.
  14. Line Breaks Remover = To minify web pages (i.e. HTML) and reduce file size, remove line breaks and superfluous whitespace.


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GiftOfSpeed is a page speed assessment tool that will assist you in making your website’s pages load as rapidly as possible. They have years of expertise and are confident in their knowledge of how to get the most out of any website. They have many things to offer and a very great tool to make your page speed-up


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