Freshping - Reliable Free Uptime Monitoring For Your Website (Review 2021)

Freshping - Reliable Free Uptime Monitoring For Your Website (Review 2021)

Making sure that your website is always up on the internet is very important. When your website goes down, it greatly affects the user experience since your visitors are not able to access your site. Fortunately, there are several services that provide website uptime monitoring tools. One of them is Freshping by Freshworks.

In this post, we will review Freshping, a freemium website monitoring tool that offers a reliable uptime monitoring service for you.

Getting Started

Fresping is a cloud-based tool for website monitoring by Freshworks. This tool helps you to make sure your website is always available for your customers. It provides multiple port and protocol monitoring for more than 50 URLs from 10 global locations all over the globe. Moreover, it gives you real-time alerts via multiple channels whenever your website goes down. 

Freshping offers a very reliable service, including a free forever uptime monitoring service with 50 checks at a 1-minute interval. In addition to that, it gives detailed website performance reports, 5 live public status pages, and real-time status badges for websites. The tool is very easy-to-use with a clean user interface. 

What Does Freshping Do?

Freshping is a tool for monitoring a website’s uptime, downtime, status page, and performance. It checks your website regularly for its availability on the internet at specific intervals. Whenever your website is down, it will notify you via multiple channels instantly so you can bring your website back up right away.

You can use Freshping to keep a check on your internal services to ensure that your website is working smoothly in the background.

What Are the Features of Freshping?

Freshping is a reliable website monitoring tool providing you with many great features, such as:

  • Advanced Website Monitoring

Freshping allows you to monitor your website at set intervals and from multiple locations across the globe. It has multiple port and protocol monitorings, including:

  • Web Sockets,
  • ICMP Ping,
  • TCP,
  • UDP,
  • DNS monitoring

Not only that, but it also does SSL monitoring, String/ Status Code Check, and Custom Header Checks.

Moreover, Freshping does 50 checks at 1-minute intervals for free. The number of these checks is so generous compared to other website monitoring services.

  • Instant Downtime Alerts

You will get notified immediately when Freshping detects an outage or degraded performance on your website. Freshping allows you to configure alerts based on a string in the response, or error codes. You can also set request and response timeout thresholds and define alerting rules

If you already have a specialized team to handle downtime problems, Freshping has a user alerting feature so you can alert the right set of people as soon as your website goes down. It allows you to add contacts and assign roles of Admin, Contact, or Read-Only and edit permissions as per your requirements.

  • Comprehensive Website Reports and Analytics

With Freshping’s Reports and Analytics, you will get regular, real-time updates and measure your website’s performance. The reports also feature metrics like Apdex score, Average response time, and more. Furthermore, the reports will cover several pieces of information, such as:

  • Performance Metrics
  • Historical Uptime
  • Incident History
  • Outage Analysis
  • Weekly Reports

Probably, Freshping is the only website monitoring service that offers a website uptime report for free.

  • Free Public Status Pages

Besides the advanced monitoring and reporting, Freshping also provides public status pages for your website. You can use them to showcase the real-time status of your website or services to your customers. Additionally, you can let your customers opt into real-time incident and recovery notifications via Email.

  • Real-Time Status Badges

Freshping provides real-time status badges so you can showcase your website status right from your homepage. The status badges will appear on your webpage and show your website’s uptime history and current status. Furthermore, the status will be embedded in real-time.

  • Multi-channel Notifications

Freshping has several integrations with important working tools, such as Slack, Twilio, Zapier, Freshdesk, and so on. With those integrations, you can seamlessly connect your website monitoring to your favorite tools.

In addition to that, you can use webhooks to build custom integrations with applications that are not included in Freshping’s tool integrations.

Why Should I Use Freshping?

Freshping monitors your website performance 24×7

Freshping monitors your website uptime on the internet 24×7 to make sure it’s always available for your customers. Moreover, it provides 10 global locations for monitoring. With multiple locations, you can ensure your customers are getting access to your website, with acceptable response times across the globe. 

Freshping alerts you when your website down

Whenever your website goes down, you will receive instant downtime alerts from Freshping so your team can bring it back up as soon as possible. Furthermore, Freshping can notify you through multiple channels like Slack, SMS, or email, just choose what you prefer. 

Free forever uptime monitoring tool

Compared to other website monitoring tools, Freshping is generous enough to provide complete service even in its free plan. You can choose to use the free Freshping forever. Indeed, the free Freshping offers reliable website monitoring services that is enough for personal websites. It gives you access to 50 website checks at 1-minute intervals and 5 live public status pages with uptime history.

Detailed website performance reports

In addition to the advanced monitoring and alerts, Freeshping also gives you an optional weekly report of your website’s performance so you can get information about the incidents and downtime over the week. With weekly reports, you can understand the performance of your website in seconds. In fact, Freshping is probably the only uptime monitoring service that comes with free weekly reports.

Communicate the status of your web service with your customers

These days, most customers value service transparency. Therefore, Freshping provides you with free public status pages and real-time status badges that showcase how your website is doing. You can use them to communicate the status of your web service and incidents with customers in real-time.

Many integrations with different tools

Freshping has 5+ integrations with different tools so you can get the downtime notifications that reach you directly from your favorite tools. As of now, you can connect your website monitoring to Slack, Twilio, Zapier, Freshdesk, and Freshservice

Furthermore, you can use webhooks to build custom integrations with applications that are not included in Freshping’s tool integrations

Is Freshping Free?

Yes, Freshping has a free plan called Sprout where you can do 50 checks on your website. It only offers 6 types of monitoring: HTTP / HTTPS, ICMP Ping, TCP, UDP, Web Socket, and DNS.

If you want to get more website checks and features, you should upgrade to the Blossom or Garden plans.

Freshping Pricing

Besides its Sprout free plan, Freshping also offers 2 paid plans with greater features and more website checks. You can choose either to bill it monthly or annually. Furthermore, all paid plans already include a 21-days free trial where you can try out the paid features before purchasing.

Freshping Pricing


  • For small teams (up to 12 users).
  • Includes 60+ checks, 10 integrations, and 12 months of data retention.
  • Monthly billing: $14 per month.
  • Annual billing: $11 per month.


  • For growing teams (up to 50 users).
  • Includes 80+ checks, 15 integrations, and 24 months of data retention.
  • Monthly billing: $36 per month.
  • Annual billing: $45 per month.

Find out more about Freshping Pricing & Plans here.

How to Use Freshping?

For some that like to learn from a video tutorial, you can check out tutorials below :



  • Great free website monitoring service
  • Clean user interface
  • Detailed reports
  • Many useful integrations
  • Easy to use


  • No pause monitoring

What Are the Alternatives to Freshping?

We have reviewed other website monitoring tools that you can use as Freshping alternatives:


Freshping offers a reliable website monitoring service even with its free plan. The free service offers 50 checks at 1-minute intervals and 5 live public status pages with uptime history.  It also gives you website’s uptime real-time alerts via multiple channels, whenever your website goes down. Moreover, you will get free weekly reports summarizing your website performance over the week. Owing to its clean user interface, Freshping is very informative and easy to use.


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