Host Tracker - Excellently Monitor and Overcome Your Website Downtime (Review 2021)

Host Tracker - Excellently Monitor and Overcome Your Website Downtime (Review 2021)

Website monitoring is extremely important for any website, not only for security purposes but also to maintain continuous uptime. A few minutes of lost uptime on your website means hundreds of abandoned purchases and missed opportunities. 

Using website monitoring services can help you cope with that problem. They tell you what’s happening with your business site, help you find the root of the problem, and more. There are many services that provide a website monitoring tool. 

In this article, we will talk more about Host Tracker, a comprehensive web monitoring tool suitable for mid-sized businesses. 

Getting Started

Host Tracker is a comprehensive web monitoring tool that enables you to see your weak and strong website points. This tool offers you around-the-clock monitoring and reports of uptime and response time along with the alerts when your website is down. With this, you can eliminate your website’s downtime and increase its uptime. 

There are many features in Host Tracker Website Monitoring Service, such as database monitoring, multi-protocol monitoring, maintenance scheduling, reports & statistics, instant check, response time check, REST & SOAP API, and more. You can also monitor your website through 142 different locations all over the globe.  Aside from that, Host Tracker provides free testing tools for PageSpeed, HTTPS, Ping, Trace, Port, DNSBL, and Whois.  

Since its establishment in early 2000, Host Tracker has had a total of 142 monitoring locations and has monitored 320k+ websites. Besides that, there are 50.000 teams who entrusted their websites to Host Tracker, namely OTP bank, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Panasonic, Colgate, and WorldMate. 

How Does Host Tracker Work?

Host Tracker monitors your website automatically. You just need to insert your sites and contact then Host Tracker will do the rest. The process is involving: 

  1. Detect problem on your website

    Your sites or servers will be checked from 140+ locations around the globe with specific intervals.

  2. Send alerts when the problems found

    When problems arise, Host Tracker automatically informs you through SMS, Gtalk, Email, Skype, or voice calls.

  3. Collect uptime statistics

    You will get the Uptime reports from Host Tracker. Also, you can expose this data to your customers and partners.

 What Are the Features of Host Tracker?

Availability Check

HostTracker does regular checks of websites with monitoring intervals from 1 minute. Moreover, HostTracker’s dedicated global monitoring checkpoints network currently includes more than 140 servers all over the world.

This check includes several types of site tests: 

  • HTTP 

Each test simulates downloading of the page by a real customer to monitor the website performance. 

  • Ping

Test the site or server network connectivity through ICMP (ping). If Ok, the site or the hardware is available online. If failed, either the checked server is unavailable, or ICMP is disabled for this point. 

  • Trace

Advanced check through ICMP to find out network delay and its causes. It’s similar to the “traceroute” program in Linux and macOS, or the “tracert” program in Windows. 

  • Port

Check the specific port via TCP to monitor network applications. If Ok, the port is open. Failure means or closed port, or complete unavailability of the server. 

  • Whois

Find the information about a person or a company that owns the domain. 

Blacklist Check

Make sure your site, domain, or IP is not listed in the most popular DNS blacklists. Check it with Host Tracker DNSBL to prevent you from losing your customers and ranking in search engines. 

Response Time PageSpeed Monitor

Test your website page loading time and response time behavior. In addition to that, you can find out the problems from each element of the page that slows down your page speed. 

Domain & SSL Check

Monitor your domain and security certificate expiring. 

Google Ads Management

Automatically pauses your Google Ads when your website is down and starts them up again when it’s back. 

Problem Instant Alerts

Get notification through Skype, email, voice call, or hangouts to alert you when something went wrong on your website. 

Detailed Reports

Get the detailed reports and statistics of your website performance and errors in PDF, CSV, or XML formats. 


Find out the server load parameter of your website. 

How Much Does Host Tracker Cost?

If you are interested to use Host Tracker’s monitoring service, there are 4 packages offered by Host Tracker: Personal, Webmaster, Business, and Enterprise. But, if you are not sure to start Host Tracker premium packages then you can try its 30-days free trial that enables you to try out all their premium features. Besides that, there is also a free monitoring service provided by Host Tracker.


Suitable for individuals

  • Monthly: $5/ month
  • Yearly: $3.25/ month


Suitable for webmasters

  • Monthly: $14/ month
  • Yearly: $9.92/ month 


Suitable for online stores or business projects

  • Monthly: $29/ month
  • Yearly: 18.25/ month 


Suitable for company or enterprise 

  • Monthly: $99/ month
  • Yearly: $74.92/ month 

How to Use Host Tracker?

For some that like to learn from a video tutorial, you can check out tutorials below : 


  • Great features for website monitoring & security
  • Server monitoring covers many different locations all over the globe
  • Detailed monitoring reports
  • Supports API, Domain/ IP blacklisting
  • Alert notifications
  • Configurable monitoring duration, error messages, and report format


  • Do not provide tickets and live chats for customer support

What Are the Alternatives to Host Tracker?

  • Pingdom – Best website monitoring service with free speed testing tool
  • Uptrends – Reliable and effective website monitoring service
  • Uptime Robot – Quick and cheap website monitoring service
  • StatusCake – Provide great website monitoring service for both free and premium plans
  • Site24x7 – Powerful website monitoring service for businesses of all sizes


Host Tracker is a greatly comprehensive monitoring service for websites that offers various unique features for all companies. It comes along with nice capabilities to explore, such as SSL monitoring, downtime alerts, uptime reports, and more. Moreover, you can check if your domain is listed on a blacklist somewhere and get advanced features that show you server load parameters for things like RAM and CPU performance.

Another amazing feature from Host Tracker is the Google Ads Management where it will automatically pause Google Ads when your website goes down. Its monitoring service has 4 plan options that can suit your business needs. In addition to that, you can get a taste of all the features with a free trial before opting for its plan.


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