Pingdom is a Swedish website monitoring software as a service company launched in Stockholm and later acquired by the Austin, Texas-based SolarWinds.

The company releases annual reports on global internet use, which are frequently cited in academic publications and by media organizations as a source of Internet-related statistics.

With the help of this tool, customers get alerted about any issue so that they can focus on their daily business.


  • It examines all parts of a web page
  • This software provides a performance overview.
  • You can trace your performance history
  • It allows you to test from multiple locations.
  • It can track and analyze the load time of website critical pages.
  • You can filter out false alters.
  • Pingdom provides REST API integration.


Here are references that you can use to get started and learn more about Pingdom:


For some that like to learn from a video tutorial, you can check out tutorials below :

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