SpinupWP - Great Cloud Control Panel Packed With Powerful Features (Review 2021)

SpinupWP - Great Cloud Control Panel Packed With Powerful Features (Review 2021)

If you own a website with busy traffic and high daily visitors in a shared server hosting then you might want to move to a bigger server like VPS, dedicated, or cloud server. These servers will give you a more stable and better website performance and prevent your website from crashing down when the traffic is hitting high. 

Cloud server hosting is the answer for you who search for better performance, scalability, and affordable price. With a cloud server, your data is stored across multiple connected servers and can be accessed remotely from anywhere via the internet. In addition, you can choose resources that you need and only pay for the ones you use. 

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The problem is very few clouds hosting providers offer a user-friendly control panel that is optimized for managing WordPress sites. To overcome that, you might want to use a cloud-based server control panel. Here we will review SpinupWP, a modern cloud-based server control panel. 

Getting Started

SpinupWP is a powerful control panel for cloud-based servers (cloud hosting). Obviously, SpinupWP is designed to run WordPress. That is to say, you can use it to host your WordPress website on a cloud provider of your choice. This control panel allows you to easily host and gives you a better user experience while running your cloud server website in almost no time using SpinupWP. 

It is created and managed by Delicious Brains who are known for their great popular plugins such as WP Offload Media and WP Migrate DB Pro. They are WordPress core contributors and have been active members of the WordPress community since 2012. To sum it up, they know everything about WordPress. 

As Spinup WP is a cloud server dedicated control panel, it integrates with all cloud hosting providers. Mainly, it integrates best with Digital Ocean, but others such as Upcloud, Linode, and Vultr are also supported.  

What Is a Cloud-based Server Control Panel?

It is a control panel that is specifically optimized for cloud server websites. It helps you to manage and monitor your websites with a cloud server. 

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As many cloud hosting providers do not offer a user-friendly control panel then SpinupWP takes the chance to provide one with a powerful and clean interface. 

How Does SpinupWP Work?

  • Firstly, sign-up at SpinupWP. 
  • Secondly, buy a so-called Virtual Private Server at a cloud provider. You can choose between DigitalOcean, Vultr, Upcloud, or any other providers. 
  • Lastly, connect your Virtual Private Server to SpinupWP.  Then you can now run optimized WordPress websites at your own servers. 

SpinupWP will take care of all the software patches, security, and other things that you usually have to take care of running your own server. 

What Are the Main Features of SpinupWP?

To give you the best experience, SpinupWP provides you with useful features as described on its website.

Integrates with any and all providers

If you already have sites from DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, or any other provider, you can immediately connect them with SpinupWP. SpinupWP integrates with any and all providers. 

Automatic Security Updates

Configure your server to install security updates using SpinupWP. Your sites are protected from the software vulnerability putting your server at risk.

Latest & Greatest Software

Install the latest stable versions of Nginx, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, and Redis from the standard apt-get repos through SpinupWP. You can keep them even after disconnecting from SpinupWP. 

Free SSL/ TSL Certificate

By connecting to SpinupWP, you can get an SSL/ TLS certificate for free. SpinupWP will install, configure, and renew your certificates so you don’t need to bother about it. 

Cache all things!

All of your sites under SpinupWP are set up with Redis object caching to reduce database requests. There is also an option of enabling `full-page caching` to give you lightning-like fast page load. 

Git Push-to-Deploy

Add a git repository to your SpinupWP site and simply push to master to deploy your code. It works with GitHub, Bitbucket, or a custom git repo. You can also configure a build script to run some tasks on the server after deployment is complete.

Error Logs

Enable error logging using SpinupWP. SpinupWP allows error logs by default and stores them in a safe place making sure they’re rotated regularly like other server logs. 


Get layered security sites provisioned by SpinupWP. SpinupWP will disable the SSH login for the root user, only allow connections to Nginx and SSH through the firewall, also monitor & block failed attempts beyond the threshold. 

Moreover, the Nginx is also configured to defend against XSS, clickjacking, MIME sniffing, and other attacks. 

Scheduled Posts Published on Schedule

Configure a server-side cron job for every site you add via SpinupWP, a server-side cron job. It makes sure that your WordPress site’s cron is executed every minute, as it should be. 

WP-Cli Preloaded

Get the WP-CLI on the command line the first time you log in to your server. 

Security Isolation for Sites

For each site that you add to your server via SpinupWP, a new system user is created for that site. All site files are owned by the site user and a PHP-FPM pool is configured to run as that user as well. Each site only has access to its files and so if only one site has a security vulnerability and gets infected with malware, for example, only the files for that one site can be infected. 

Sites Cloning

Clone your sites when you need to deploy a staging site. With SpinupWP you can create a complete copy of an existing site, which includes all files, the database, and server configuration. In addition, test the new PHP version in an isolated environment, without impacting your live site. 

SFTP Access for your clients

If you’re hosting a site for someone else, you can easily give them SFTP/SSH access to just that site. They will only have access to files for that site as the site is set up with security isolation between sites by SpinupWP. 


Create a new team account, invite a member of your team, and allow them to spin up their own servers. You can choose which permission you give to your team. 

Professional Guidance & Best Practices

SpinupWP will actively point you in the right direction and offer suggestions for maintaining your server. As it provides detailed feedback about the operations it runs on your server, you can learn what is happening with your server. 

Scheduled Backups

With SpinupWP’s site backups, you can do full backups of your site files (media, themes, and plugins) and database. After that, connect it with your preferred storage providers like Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or Google Cloud Storage. 

Why Do I Need to Use SpinupWP?

To sum it up, SpinupWP is a great control panel packed with powerful features. 

Covers most of the essential features

SpinupWP provides you with many features that allow you to manage a WordPress site as it should be.

  • Server manager: easily connect servers to SpinUP WP.
  • Application (WordPress) manager to easily install new websites.
  • Easily add (multiple) domains to a website.
  • Backups and backup restore from inside their WordPress hosting control panel.
  • Automatically set-ups caching.
  • Installs two helpful plugins on each website. One in-house plugin for purging caches and one plugin for limiting logins. 

Aimed for developers

It seems like SpinupWP know what a developer needs as it has some developer-friendly features:

  • Works with many Cloud Providers.
  • GIT integration and deployment. Moreover, you can even add a new website by cloning an existing repository.
  • Spinup WP can automatically set up cron jobs.
  • WP-CLI is installed and available.
  • Optimal caching for each site through just one click.
  • SpinupWP uses the latest versions of Nginx, PHP, MySQL, and Redis.
  • SSH access to servers and SSH/SFTP access to sites.
  • HTTP Authentication for sites.

Layered security

To sum it up, SpinupWP does care much about its website security. 

  • Automatic (server) security updates
  • Access and login disabled for the Root user
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Firewall which limits access to NGINX and SSH
  • Optimal settings for Nginx security
  • Each site is isolated through its own user. Therefore, if one site gets compromised, other sites on the server are safe.
  • SFTP/SSH access for each site.
  • Two-factor authentication for platform logins. 

Outstanding performance

Connecting your websites to SpinupWP will uplift your site’s performance. SpinupWP uses the latest version of PHP (7.3, at the time of writing), and also the newest MySQL running at an NGINX Webserver. For caching, NGINXs FastCGI is in combination with Redis for object caching. 

Great usability

As SpinupWP provides you with many great features, you can use your websites for good usability. 

  • Manage your own servers (add new sites, manage database and users for the server, reboot the server, and also delete a server)
  • Manage websites (add domains, SFTP/SSH login, change the PHP version, HTTPS, and backups) 

How Is the Pricing of SpinupWP?

You can see the SpinupWP pricing here.

It has two plans; Personal and Team. 

  • The personal plan costs $12/ month. It includes 1 server, unlimited sites, all features, and standard email support. 
  • The Team plan costs $39/month. It includes 3 servers, unlimited sites, all features, standard email support, and unlimited team members. 

Before opting for these plans, SpinupWP provides a 7-day free trial for you to use. 

How to Use SpinupWP?


  • No limits on WordPress installations
  • Unbelievable performance
  • Well-designed platform with helpful hints
  • Good documentation
  • Good pricing (in general)
  • Some good developer features
  • Control over your own servers 


  • Lacks some tools such as phpMyAdmin
  • Additional fees for extra servers
  • Very limited support
  • No (transactional) emails
  • Lacks good analytics on servers and sites
  • No staging functionality
  • No backup restores from the control panel 

What Are the Alternatives to SpinupWP?

The following lists are a few examples of SpinupWP alternatives that also have great features for a cloud hosting’s control panel:

  • GridPane – The most popular cloud hosting control panel for professionals
  • RunCloud – Powerful cloud hosting control panel for both PHP software and WordPress
  • ServerPilot – Cost-effective cloud hosting control panel
  • Cloudways – Simplest control panel for cloud hosting


SpinupWP is a hosting panel for a cloud-based WordPress site. Packed with many useful features for your admin panel, it will give you the best user experience when running a cloud WordPress. In addition, it also optimizes your website performance with features like all caching. It is right for you who want to host your own websites or provide hosting services for your clients. 


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