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Posts (articles) are entries that will display upside down on your homepage. Posts usually have a comment section below and are included in your site’s RSS feed.

Steps to create a post :

  1. Enter your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click the Posts tab.
  3. Click the Add New sub-tab.
  4. Start filling in all the Columns provided: Fill in the post title in the column at the top, then enter the content of your article in the post-editing column (article) under the column title.
  5. If needed, you can select a category, add tags.
  6. When all the required fields have been filled, then click the Publish button on the right of the screen.add-post

A description of the available columns

By default, posts in WordPress have multiple columns.


  1. Column Title / Headline Box

The title column is the column used to fill in the title of the article that will be displayed on your site.

As a note, you must avoid several things in making the title, such as using the same title name as the previous post title, or you can use a comma, quotation mark, or hyphen.

But then WordPress will clean up your title to create a very user-friendly permalink, so when you use punctuation or hyphens, it won’t appear in your URL (address bar).


  1. Column Editing Post (article)

This post-editing column (article) is used to fill in the content of your article, you can use any phrase, word, or character.

You can also add code such as HTML code and others to make your articles livelier and more interesting.


  1. Publish Column

Preview button

This button is used to see the results of writing your content before you publish the article.

Save button as the draft

This button is used to save the content as a draft, the meaning is that you did not finish writing the content and you want to change it at a later time.

Publish button

This button is used to publish content that you have written on your site. but if there is a writing error, you can add or change the article by using the editing facility in WordPress.


  1. Category Column

This category column is used to group the articles or content that you write. You can add more categories to the articles you write without having to create a category first.


  1. Column Tags

The Tags column is the same as categories, which are used to group articles or content that you write.


  1. Featured Image Column

Post Thumbnails or now called Featured Image is an image that is selected as a representative image for Posts, Pages, or Custom Post Types. The appearance of this image is following the theme. This is especially useful for “Magazines” themes where each post has an image.


  1. Excerpt Column

The Excerpt column is the column used to write an excerpt or summary of your article. This excerpt will be displayed on the archive page, category, and search page. However, usually, this summary does not appear because there are differences in each theme you use. You must display it using the standardized author code by WordPress.

If this excerpt field is left blank, WordPress will take the first 55 words of the article content that you write.


  1. Column Discussion / Discussion

Two options in this discussion column must be activated if needed.

Comment Options

If this option is not activated, then no one can send their comments to the posts (articles) that you make.

Pingback and Trackback options

If this option is not activated, then no one can send pingbacks or trackbacks for the posts (articles) that you make.


  1. Column Author / Author

List of all blog authors that you can choose from the attributes as the post author. This section only shows if you have multiple users with authoring rights on your blog. To see a list of your users, look at the Users tab on the far right.


  1. Protection column / Password Protection

If you want to protect your posts (articles), or not everyone can access or read your posts (articles). activate the column protection feature. To activate this feature, click edit next to visibility in the publishing field, then click Password Protected, click OK, and enter the password to be used.

Note – Editors and Admins can view this post in edit view even if they don’t know the password.


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