Creating Static Homepages with Pages

The first time it is installed, WordPress will display the blog archive as the main page on the website.

Most WordPress users want a static Home Page, for example, used to create information pages and so on.

Steps to Create a Static Homepage with Pages

  1. Enter the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click the Settings menu> Reading.
  3. Specify Front Page Page (front page).
  4. Specify Homepage Page (blog archive page).homepage

The page defined for the Homepage will be displayed as static information. On this page, you can use the page builder or you can use the available page templates to create static pages.

A page that has been determined for the Post page (blog page) will be displayed as a blog archive like the main page when WordPress was first installed.

How to make a Static Front Page

In making a static front page, no programming skills are required. You can use the WordPress Editor, Page Builder, or use a page template to create one.

How to Create a Static Front Page using the WordPress editor:

  1. Enter the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Make Homepage: on the Page, menu select Add New

– Fill in the Title (title) with “Home” or you can use another title.

– Fill in the content with the information you want to display, you can also use the page builder to create this page. Or leave this section blank if you are using a dynamic page template to display your homepage.

– Use Templates to create different pages for the layout of the pages, you can set them in the Page Attribute column.

– Publish the page that you have created.

  1. Creating a Blog Page: on the Page, menu select Add New

– Fill in the title (title) with “Blog”, “News”, “Articles”, or according to the name of the page that will be created.

It is not allowed to use a page template (page attribute – template) in this case, because the template files index.php and home.php will be displayed as the contents of this page.

– Leave blank for the content column, whatever the content of the content in the editor will not be displayed on the blog page.

– Publish the page that you have created.

  1. Then do the Static Front Page setting (as above).

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