Install the WordPress Plugin

The procedure for adding a new plugin to your WordPress Site is the same as adding a new theme, learn more about how to add a new theme.

It’s just that the menu options that differentiate how to add new plugins.

  1. Install the WordPress Plugin From the WordPress Directory

Go to WordPress Dashboard> Plugins> Add New.plugins

You can filter the WordPress plugins from the WordPress directory based on Featured, Popular, Recommended, and Favorites (figure 1).

Or you can also search for plugins from the WordPress directory according to the needs of your website (figure 2).add-plugins

After you decide which plugins to add to your website, you can immediately press the “Install Now” button and then press the “Activate” button.

  1. Install WordPress Plugin By Upload Plugin

More practical than the previous step, you just have to choose the plugin file that you want to install.

Go to WordPress Dashboard> Appearance> Plugins> Add New> Upload Plugin.upload-plugin

Then after successfully installing the WordPress plugin, you can immediately activate the plugin.activate-plugin

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