Install the WordPress Theme

To install WordPress themes we go to the display menu as shown below.


Or in short by visiting the page Then select the install theme tab at the very top of the page.

Broadly speaking, installing WordPress themes can be done in 2 ways: by directly installing from the WordPress themes repository, or by uploading existing themes on your computer. Usually, we do this second way when we already have a file theme from the download outside the official WordPress themes directory.

  1. Install WordPress Themes From the WordPress Directory

To use this method, after entering the themes dashboard and choosing to install a theme, you can immediately search for the name of the theme by entering its name, search for themes based on certain features, or choose popular themes, newest or recently updated.

Go to WordPress Dashboard> Appearance> Themes> Add New.add-new

When the list of themes appears, we just have to select the appropriate themes for us to install on the blog.install-theme

  1. Install WordPress Themes With Upload Themes

More practical than the previous step, you just have to choose the theme file you want to install.

Go to WordPress Dashboard> Appearance> Themes> Add Newfile-theme

then select the Upload Theme menu.upload-themeinstall-now

then activate the installed theme.activate

WordPress Theme installation has been successful, please see your website page.

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