Install WordPress Automatically (with Softaculous)

This page explains how to install WordPress automatically using Softaculous software.

Here is a guide to installing a WordPress CMS using Softaculous.

  1. Login to the cPanel page (
  2. Click the “Softaculous” menu in the “Software / Services” category.installer
  3. click the WordPress logo on the Softaculous main page. Or you can use the menu on the left of the page, Blogs> WordPress.logo
  4. Click the Install tab.install-button
  5. The next page is the page for WordPress installation settings.setting

– “Choose Protocol” field, if your website has SSL protocol installed, please select the protocol with “https: //” or if your website does not have the SSL protocol installed, please verify using another protocol.

– The “Choose Domain” text box, for this column, doesn’t need to be changed if we want to install it in the main domain. However, if we want to install on a subdomain, we can make adjustments by clicking the “black arrow” and selecting which domain/subdomain you want to install.

– “In Directory” text box, if you want to install in the main folder (public_html) of a domain or subdomain, it is necessary to leave/delete the entries in this column.

– Fill in the “Site Name” filled with the name of the website that you will create.

– Fill in the “Site Description”. We can fill in a short description of the website that you will create.

– Fill in “Admin Username” with the username you will use.

– Fill in the “Admin Password” with the password you want to use.

– Fill in “Admin Email” with the email address that you will use.

  1. Then click “Install” to install WordPress.
  2. Then you will see an installation “progress bar”. Wait until the installation process is finished until the indicator is full and shows the number 100%.1008. After the progress bar is full and showing the number 100%, Softaculous will take us to the Post-installation Overview page. The WordPress installation process using Softacolous is complete.

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