Install WordPress Manually

This page explains how to install WordPress CMS into web hosting using

  1. Download WordPress Core.

Download the WordPress core from the official WordPress site (, Use the stable version and the latest version.login

  1. Go to your cPanel Dashboard.

Use the Account and Password that you got from your Web Hosting Provider.

Then use the files Manager menu to start the WordPress installation on your website.file

  1. Enter Public_html (public directory for your website).

You can create a new directory in a public directory (you can use this option if you don’t want to have your WordPress installation on your main domain).public

For example, if you create a directory in your public directory, then your website address looks like (wp is the directory you created in your public directory)upload-wp

  1. Upload the WordPress file

After you determine where WordPress will be installed, then you can upload the WordPress Installer .zip file to your website.extract

  1. Extract the WordPress File

After you upload the WordPress Installer .zip file to your website, extract the file using the extract menu from your cPanel.

After you extract the WordPress file, you will find the WordPress folder, if you want to install this WordPress in a folder, you can simply change the directory name with the directory name you

However, if you want to install WordPress on the main domain, you have to move the installation file to your main domain.

  • Get into the directory
  • Select all the files contained in it
  • Use the Move menu to move
  • Then navigate to the public directory (/ public_html /)database
  1. Creating DATABASE

Use the MySQL® Database Wizard menu to create your database and database username.

  • Create a database name that you want to use
  • Make a username and password that are completely secret, you can use the Password Generator menu. Don’t forget to save your password in a temporary note.
  • Add the username you created by checking ALL PRIVILEGES.
  • Process Completed.
  1. Installing WordPress

After placing the WordPress Installer file on your website and creating a database, then open your website. then you will get the Configuration Page for your WordPress.instalation

  1. Choice of Language.option
  2. Installation Preparation Page.prepare
  3. Database configuration (use the database, username, and password that you created earlier).run
  4. Confirm Installation.confirmation
  5. Configure Your Website.
  6. Then the process is complete, and you can enter your WordPress using the username and password that you created on the website configuration page.

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