WordPress Settings - General

This General Settings page is used to manage and make basic settings for your website.

Some of the settings are site title and location, who can join your website, and settings to set the date and time for your website.


Site Title / Site Title

Most themes use a Site Title to appear on each page and also to display the title in your browser.


This tagline or slogan is used to provide information about your website.

WordPress Address (URL)

This field is used to identify your WordPress site tools. This site address will be saved in some of your WordPress settings files.

Site Address (URL)

The field aims to redirect web pages if you have another site address that you will make the main page of your site

E-Mail Address

This email address is used to send messages to you for administrative or corrective matters. for example, when someone registers to become a member of the website, you will receive a notification at this email address.


Anyone can register – check this option if you allow anyone to register on your site.

New User Default Role

This option is used to assign access to users when they are first registered on your site.

This option will be applied when someone registers on your site using the registration form, as well as new additions via the WordPress Dashboard.

Several options are available including:

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

Site Language

Choice of the language used in the WordPress Dashboard.

Note: this setting is unlikely to affect themes or plugins. You have to translate the theme or plugin used to keep everything in your language.


This option specifies a city in the same time zone as you, for example, if you are in New York, select New York if you are in the East American Region.

If you cannot identify a city in your time zone, select one of the GMT Session settings which represents the number of hours your time differs from Greenwich Mean Time.

Date Format

The Date format is used by some developers to display the date on the theme. You can decide which format suits your country or your needs. Use this option to make this determination.

Time Format

The Time format is used by the developer to display the time in the theme. You can decide which format suits your country or your needs. Use this option to apply it.

Week Starts On

Used to display the start of the day name on the WordPress Calendar. By default the day will start from Monday, the first column of the WordPress calendar will be displayed Monday. If you want to start the day from Sunday for example, you can select the day of the week on this option.

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