What everyone must know about WORDSESH: The most anticipated WordPress virtual conference

What everyone must know about WORDSESH: The most anticipated WordPress virtual conference

What is Wordsesh?

WordSesh is a live, online conference and hands-on workshop for WordPress developers and any WordPress geeks out there. In Wordsesh, you can get incredible conference sessions, helpful hands-on experience along with an amazing community. Each event is accompanied by the best and capable presenter and topic to provide you with a well-rounded and valuable experience for all attendees. 

Not only that, for you who are interested to join but unable to attend the event no worries! Every presentation of Wordsesh is recorded and published to WPSessions after the live event ends. This means you can watch everything no matter when you’re available. 

Who is behind Wordsesh?

Wordsesh is a routine event initiated by WPSessions, home to hundreds of exclusive contents related to WordPress. Since 2013, WPSessions has been recruiting remarkable presenters to share their knowledge with the community through Wordfest. So that’s the reason why Wordfest is open for free for everyone all over the world.

This event proceeds successfully with the support from many dependable and trusted companies like Google, GoDaddy, Nexcess, WP Engine, Elementor, Gravity, ithemes, Yoast, EasyWP, and many more. 

What is the event inside Wordsesh?

Majorly, two events are held in Wordsesh to deepen your knowledge and skill in developing your WordPress website. 

Online Conference Session

The first event is the online conference with several interesting topics brought by famous and inspiring presenters. Here, the participants can gain new information and even discuss the topic together with the presenter. 

Hands-on Workshop

Then, the second is a hands-on workshop. This event provides the participants with 3 hours of hands-on practice accompanied by specialist instructors. Each workshop includes all instruction, activities, discussions, and breaks. You can join the workshop according to the times shown in your local time zone. 

When is Wordsesh held?

Wordsesh is expected to be an annual event. Since 2013, there have been 8 series of Wordsesh. This year, Wordsesh is held from May 25th to June 5th, 2021, lasting for 7 days in a row. 

Wordsesh 2021

This year, Wordsesh held the festival for one week, starting from May 25th to June 5th, 2021. It had 21 sessions along with 6 in-depth workshops that discussed a variety of topics such as custom block development, headless WordPress, hacking, client services, accessibility, and user experience. All sessions are free and recorded in WPSessions. So, come and join the crowd whenever you want. 

How is the schedule for Wordsesh 2021?

As Wordsesh 2021 has 2 different events, the schedule is divided into 2 periods: online conference session & hands-on workshop. 

Online Conference Session

The first period is for the online conference sessions. It lasts for 3 days, from May 25th to 27th. To make it easier to participate, the time distribution for the sessions is based on the region:

  • Day 1 (25 May) for Asia/ Pacific countries from 9 AM until 1 PM.
  • Day 2 (26 May) for Europe/ Middle East/ Africa from 5 PM until 9.30 PM.
  • Day 3 (27 May) for America from 11 PM until 4 AM. 

Hands-on Workshop

The second period is for the hands-on workshop. The event starts the day after the online conference session ended. This year, Wordsesh has added 6 in-depth workshops to provide you hands-on practice to what you’re learning. 

What is the session list in Wordsesh 2021?

As mentioned, Wordfest 2021 prepares online conferences and hands-on workshop sessions. Here is a detailed session list in Wordsesh 2021. 

Online Conference

Specially prepared, WordSesh 2021 is hosting 21 free sessions presented by WordPress experts, including speakers from Google, WP Engine, Wordfence, Liquid Web, Termageddon, and many more. 

The conference covers a wide range of topics with famous presenters each day.

Day 1

  • The Tale of Two Community Music Membership Sites (David Das – Composer, producer, songwriter)
  • Great Page Experiences for Everyone (Alberto Medina – Developer Relations Engineer, Google)
  • Blazing Fast Block Management (Lee Shadle – WordPress freelancer)
  • Building Your First Custom Block… using PHP (Rob Stinson – Product Marketing Manager, WP Engine)
  • Block-Based Themes (Imran Sayeed, Sr. WordPress Engineer, rtCamp)
  • How Tailwind Sailed Our Boats (Nirav Mehta – Founder, StoreApp) 

Day 2

  • Make Your Product or Website More Usable in 10 Easy Steps (Monique Dubbleman – UX strategist, UXATT)
  • Web Stories for WordPress (Cathi Bosco – Designer/ Consultant XWP, UX Designer, UXATT)
  • Jamstack, headless, static, oh my! (Miriam Schwab – Founder & CEO, Strattic)
  • How to Create Recurring Revenue With Site Plans (Chris Edwards – Co-owner, Data Driven Labs)
  • Considerations and Concerns for Platform Plugin Development (Steve Grunwell – Senior Sofware Engineer, Nexcess)
  • How the Block Editor Makes it Easier to Build Custom Themes (Danielle Zarcaro – Owner & Founder, Paperback Web Development)
  • Automate Your Configuration: The Joys of WP-CFM (Miriam Goldman, WordPress Technical Lead, Kanopi Studios)
  • How to Teach WordPress (Allie Nimmons – Independent Freelancer)
  • Understanding Hackers: Life as a WordPress Security Researcher (Chloe Chamberland – Threat Analyst, Wordfence) 
  • Designing Websites with Privacy in Mind (Donata Stroink-Skillrud – President, Termageddon)
  • Meet the Sandwich Stack (Chris Van Patten – Director of Digital Product Development, NBA)
  • Grow Your Audience with Gamification! (Veena Prashanth – Co-founder, DigitalAccessPass)
  • NewsPack: A Case Study (Adam Silverstein – Developer Programs Engineer, Google)
  • 5 Simple Rules EVERY Developer or Designer Should Know (Joe A Simpson Jr – Senior Digital Communications Administrator, Metro Los Angeles)
  • How to Turn Yourself into a Content Generating Machine (Chris Lema – VP of Products, Liquid Web) 

Hands-on Workshop

This year, Wordsesh has 6 sessions in the rundown for hands-on workshops. Not only can you directly do a hands-on, but you also will be accompanied by the best WordPress experts from Wordfence, Termageddon, Liquid Web, Automattic, WP Engine, and many more. 

  • Let’s Hack! (Stephen Rees-Carter – Security Analyst, Wordfence) 
  • Speed Up Your WordPress Site with These 3 Advanced Techniques (Luke Cavanagh – WooCommerce Specialists, Nexcess and Mendel Kurland – Agency Advocate, Nexcess) 
  • Nail Your Onboarding Process (Jennifer Bourn – Owner, Bourn Creative) 
  • Building Accessible Navigation (Natalie MacLees – Founder and Principal, Digitally) 

Who can attend Wordsesh?

Of course, Wordsesh is a WordPress professional dedicated event. However, this event is actually welcoming any participants without exception. You can join all the session lists of Wordsesh without charges! 

How to register for Wordsesh?

Register for Wordsesh here.

And don’t miss the next event, join the Wordsesh mailing list on their website to stay-up-to date about all future event details. 

You can also follow Wordsesh on Twitter.

Oh no! I missed Wordsesh

Do you miss Wordfest 2021 or any other episodes? Don’t worry, you can watch and replay the recording of all sessions in WPSessions. 

Watch the recording.

Also, if you’re expecting more WordPress training or if one full day of WordSesh just isn’t enough for you, WPSessions is ready to provide you with many knowledge sources to fulfill your desire. 


WordSesh is an “all about WordPress” ‘ event that is held annually by WPSessions. The event has an online conference session along with a hands-on workshop. It features an impressive lineup of curated speakers in each session. Everyone can register for the event without exception for free. 

Through Wordfest, there are many opportunities for you to connect with other attendees, talk shop, swap notes, and make new friends from around the globe. Also, all presentations in Wordsesh will be recorded and published to WPSessions after the live event ends. 


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