WP Time Capsule - The Best Incremental Backup Solution For Your Website (Review 2021)

WP Time Capsule - The Best Incremental Backup Solution For Your Website (Review 2021)

Doing backups on your WordPress site is essential to prevent your website from security breaches or human errors. Through backups, you can make sure to save the important databases inside your website.

There are many choices of backup plugins in WordPress. However, if you are looking for a premium backup plugin that is light, fast, and easy to use, you should try the WP Time Capsule.

In this article, we will review everything about WP Time Capsule, starting from its features. how does it work, why you should use it, and its pricing.

Getting Started

WP Time Capsule is the smartest and most advanced WordPress backup solution in the world. It uses the smartest backup technology which is incremental backup and restores. Therefore, this plugin doesn’t require a big space disk and fewer server resources. It is an excellent premium backup plugin with innovative features and an easy-to-use UI with a pocket-friendly pricing structure.

Being one of the fastest and reliable backup plugins in WordPress, WP Time Capsule has helped 9000+ customers. No doubt, as the team behind WP Time Capsule is the same as InfiniteWP who has been serving the WordPress community with great plugins. With WP Time Capsule, you can easily safeguard your website from hackers, human errors, server crashes, and malware at a worthy price.

How Does WP Time Capsule Work?

WP Time Capsule provides both incremental backup and restore. Therefore you won’t have multiple copies of files and this means less disk space will be used. Compared to the traditional “full backup” method, the incremental backup method is better in all aspects including resource consumption, storage space usage, performance, reliability, and more.

How the incremental backup in WP Time Capsule works is that only the files and db entries that have changed are backed up instead of backing up the whole site every time. Even if a day’s worth of change amounts to 10MB, a 30-day archive will take only an extra 300MB, instead of the traditional 15GB. Therefore, you will save up a lot of space for more high-res photos for your blog. In addition to that, WP Time Capsule doesn’t create zip files either, so fewer server resources are used too.

In WP Time Capsule’s incremental restore, there are features like calendar view restore, 365-day restore window, and restores test in staging. For this reason, you will be able to restore your files easily and instantly to just how it was just an hour ago.

In conclusion, WP Time Capsule has many advantages including:

  • Low server memory usage
  • Far less storage space usage
  • Faster restore

What Are the Features of WP Time Capsule

Incremental backups & restores

WP Time Capsule uses incremental backups and restores. This method doesn’t back up the whole site. Therefore, you will get many advantages compared to the traditional full backups in many aspects like resource consumption, storage space usage, performance, and reliability.

The incremental restores also allow you to restore your website to how it was just an hour ago. As a result, it gives you benefits, such as easy & instant restoration and restoring specific files choice.

Set & Forget feature

This feature requires you to schedule your backups once then WP Time Capsule will automatically backup your websites that too on a daily basis. In addition to that, WP Time Capsule also gives you the power to choose specific files and the databases and you need not keep watch on the backup status or be forced to back up any of the default files when you can choose what files you want to backup.

Off-site backup

WP Time Capsule gives you complete control over the storage of your website’s backup. Therefore, you have the option to choose between Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3 to store your website’s important files as well as the databases.

One-click restore

With this feature, you can easily restore your website with just a single click. WP Time Capsule gives you more flexibility as you can restore a specific file or an entire website or just the database or anything that you wish to restore. Also, you can restore your site when it’s down or even deleted.

Calendar view restore

Another great feature of the WP Time Capsule is the calendar view option. This feature is extremely helpful if you want to restore content from a specific date.

Staging an update

With WP Time Capsule, you are able to stage your lives and test the updates without having to worry about the changes that can break your website. It offers you the ability to update your WordPress sites fearlessly and you can play with all that you want without the fear of breaking your live websites.

Auto backup before manual & auto-updates

WP Time Capsule backs up automatically before you update your site and enables the auto-updating feature. You can now update your sites without having the hassle or worry that it would break your site.

How to Backup & Restore with WP Time Capsule?

WP Time Capsule allows even a novice user to handle all of the features. Once you install and set up the plugin, it’s pretty hands-off moving forward.

The first thing you’ll need to do to start backup and restore your file is to connect it with your cloud storage locations. WP Time Capsule can connect to all major cloud storage, including:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon S3
  • Backblaze B2
  • Wasabi

After that, the plugin will automatically start creating your first backup. The next thing you do is to simply set your backup schedule and the WP Time Capsule plugin will take care of the rest.

If you want to restore your backup files, WP Time Capsule has the “one-click restore” feature that allows you to restore your files in a single click. The process doesn’t take up many times and even allows you to restore files from a specific date using the calendar view feature.

Why Should I Use WP Time Capsule?

  • It provides incremental backups and restores that make it easier and faster to handle your website’s files and databases. With WP Time Capsule, you can step up to another level of data security.
  • Very easy to install and use. With just a few clicks, you can easily set up any of the scheduled backups for your WordPress site.
  • Able to connect with a great selection of cloud storage destinations, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc. for your backups.
  • Provides many great features for backup & restore, such as calendar view, one-click restore, set& forget backup, staging an update, and auto back-up before manual & auto-updates.
  • Great & quick customer support via email service.

Is WP Time Capsule Free?

No, WP Time Capsule is a premium incremental backup plugin. However, it provides a 30-day free trial for you before the premium plan subscription.

How Is WP Time Capsule Pricing?

The payment of WP Time Capsule is either billed yearly or for a lifetime. There are 3 plans that WP Time Capsule offers:


For 2 websites

  • Yearly: $49/ year
  • One-time payment: $149


For 10 sites

  • Yearly: $99/ year
  • One-time payment: $299


For unlimited sites and already provides the white-labeling feature.

  • Yearly: $199/ year
  • One-time payment: $699/ year

Before subscribing to one of the plans, you can try all the features in WP Time Capsule for free for 30 days.

Read more about WP Time Capsule Pricing.

How to Use WP Time Capsule?


  • Offers both incremental backups and restores
  • Light and fast
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Affordable price with free trial
  • Provides many useful features
  • Responsive support


  • Only offers premium service
  • 365-day restore window only available for Amazon S3, Wasabi, and Backblaze B2
  • Only backup files on the scheduled scan.
  • Questionable default setting

What Are The Alternatives to WP Time Capsule?

  • UpdraftPlus – Powerful backup plugin both for free and premium.
  • VaultPress – Premium backup plugin with premium services by Automattic. Now rebranded as JetPack Backups.
  • Duplicator – A migration plugin that also doubles as a suitable backup solution.
  • Snapshot – Provides an efficient backup system that allows you to create manual and automatic full-site copies to both local and cloud servers.
  • BlogVault – Great featured backup plugin with offsite backups independently.


WP Time Capsule is a backup plugin that’s simple, straightforward, user-friendly, and easy to use. One of the best features it has is the incremental backup and restore that allows a lightning-fast backup and restore in just a few clicks. This plugin is suitable for beginners as it doesn’t require a complicated setting to start backing up and restoring the database on your website. Features like one-click backup & restore and calendar view making it easier to use. Even though it’s a fully premium plugin, it offers worthy features at a reasonable price.


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