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WPCal is a WordPress plugin for meeting scheduling. Use this plugin to help you schedule meetings remotely. Sync your calendar app with WPCal so that you can automatically set up meetings without searching through your calendar and emailing your clients back-and-forth. Also, it comes with meeting app integrations, so you can directly book video call meetings through WPCal. 

This plugin is developed by Revmakx and has been installed by 1.000+ users in WordPress. During the Covid19 crisis, WPCal offers all its premium features for free. Make sure to check it out. 

How does WPCal work?

Set your availability

Set up your available time for meeting by yourself or by connecting your calendars. 

Send the booking page links

Share the link to your booking page with your clients via email to let them know about the meeting. 

Choose a convenient slot

Let your clients choose their preferred date and time when they are available. 

Lastly, schedule the meeting!

Your meeting is scheduled in just a few clicks! No need to check your calendars or send emails anymore. 

What can you use WPCal for?


  • Automate the route inquiries from potential clients to schedule a meeting. 
  • Let your clients schedule meetings with you in a few clicks at their convenience.
  • Spend less time on emailing back and forth scheduling meetings. 


  • Automatically route the candidates to schedule their interview meetings.
  • Have the candidates fill out a form/questionnaire when booking the interview.
  • Have full control over how many interviews you want to have on a day. 

Customer engagements

  • Allow users to book a meeting with you as part of your onboarding campaign.
  • Prevents customers from slipping away by presenting your booking link and proactively addressing any roadblocks.
  • Deliver great customer support by including a link to your booking page in your email footer so that your users can auto-book a call with you any time they want. 

Sales & marketing

  • Convert your website visitors by sending a meeting schedule link while they’re still attracted to you.
  • Optimize your demo offer by letting the clients book a product demo with immediate confirmation. 
  • Provide the clients with simple, clear, and powerful scheduling meeting-to-action that can help your prospects. 

What are the features of WPCal?

Easily schedule meetings and manage your time well with WPCal’s features:

Calendar integrations

Connect your calendar application to ease scheduling your meetings. Currently, WPCal integrates with Google Calendar. Soon it will have integration with other calendars, such as Outlook Calendar, Office 365, and iCloud Calendar.

Online meeting app integrations

Connect your meeting schedules to online meeting applications. WPCal has the Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet integrations. Soon, it will integrate with Microsoft Teams. 

2-way sync for Calendars

New meetings booked via WPCal will be added to your Calendar app and when an event is directly added to your Calendar app, that time slot will be blocked from your WPCal availability. 

Schedule unlimited events

With WPCal you have no limit on scheduling events. Setup as many events as you want. 

Automated event notifications

Remind your clients about their meetings with you through WPCal. You can also customize the email notifications and reminders. 

Recurring Events

Schedule recurring meetings automatically. Daily, weekly, monthly meetings? Just set them up in WPCal. 

Group events

Create a group event to host multiple invitees for specific meeting schedules like tours, webinars, training, and etc. 

Team events

Create team events for specific meetings for your team. Pooled availability options for teams (round robin, collective scheduling, multiple team members on one page). 

Custom multi-type questions 

Create multi-type questions for your invitees while booking a meeting. You can custom it as a Checkbox and Radio. 

Invitee redirect

Redirect your invitee to schedule a meeting automatically. 

Make me look busy

Block slots on your personalized booking books and share them with your clients. Make them think that you are a busy person. 

Minimize gaps between bookings

Don’t make your clients wait long. You can minimize gaps between meeting schedules. 

Stripe and PayPal integrations

Connect your payment accounts so invitees can submit credit card payments securely upon scheduling a meeting with you. 

Custom integration with webhooks

Build your own integrations using the plugin’s webhooks. 

Over 700 app integrations with Zapier

Easily trigger actions in other apps after an event is scheduled or canceled. Zapier supports 700+ apps including Slack, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, join.me, and much more. 

Why should I use WPCal?

Control the duration of meetings

Decide on how long or short each meeting should be. Cut off unnecessary meeting duration. 

Cap the numbers of bookings per day

Set a limit to the maximum number of bookings that you want to have each day. 

Prevents last minute booking

Set up your booking slots that are a set number of hours into the future to avoid the invitees booking it at the last minute. 

Make yourself looks busy

If you are just starting up or having a not-so-busy week, you can seem busy and booked up to clients by blocking off slots. 

Avoids meetings scattered through your day

Once a slot is booked, WPCal will block slots that are further away before and after it. This will keep your meeting schedules in a day. 

Set aside time before or after events

Block off some buffer time before or after meetings to get recess time. You can relax a little bit while grabbing a drink or for preparation. 

Where can I get WPCal?

  • Download the WPCal plugin by Revmarkx here.
  • Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  • Use the Settings > Plugin Name screen to configure the plugin. 

What is the pricing for WPCal?

During Covid19, WPCal offers all the premium features for free to help you remotely set up online meetings. 

Besides that, WPCal also offers the Plus version for $99.99/ year and the Pro version for $199.99/ year. 

Check the WPCal pricing here.

Try out the WPCal demo.


WPCal is a plugin for scheduling a meeting with your clients, interview candidates, team members, and many more. It comes with various integrations of calendars, online meeting app, and email providers to help you set up your meetings easily. During the Covid19 crisis, you can use WPCal with all its premium features for free. Make sure to try it out! 


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