Hustle Pro - Powerful Pop-ups Plugin to Empower Your Business in 2021

Hustle Pro - Powerful Pop-ups Plugin to Empower Your Business in 2021

There are many tricks to grow your business in WordPress, however, you can start by using a pop-up notification plugin to help you set up pop-up notifications on your websites. You can use them to effectively gather customers’ feedback, convert them to subscribers, or promote your products and make announcements to be seen easily by the customers.

One of the best plugins for pop-up notifications with various features and templates on your website is the Hustle Pro plugin.

Getting Started

Hustle plugin is one of the most popular and commonly used marketing plugins in WordPress. This plugin uses “pop-up“, which is a notification that shows up immediately on the visitors’ display whenever they visit your website. Therefore, it may demand immediate attention and prompt visitors for action. Using that method, this plugin can be a tool for attracting visitors to your website. It was developed by WPMU Dev, a platform that provides hosting, tools, and plugins for WordPress sites.

Why is it important to add a pop-up notification to your website?

Pop-up notifications are specifically used in marketing techniques to :

  • Gather feedback from customers
  • Convert visitors to subscribers 
  • Make announcements of special deals
  • Conduct marketing research
  • Sell more service subscriptions 

Pop-up notifications are available in various types, such as :

  • Slides-in – small pop-ups that appear in the corner of the website. They contain rich HTML content and come with options for embedded images, videos, and hyperlinks in the description. 
  • Modal notification – pop-ups that appear in the middle of your web screen and only go away after you click your choice. They contain rich HTML content and appear with transparent backgrounds and blur out the page you are on. 
  • Embedded pop-ups – pop-ups that do not disrupt the visitor or reader. They contain subscription functions or survey forms.
  • Sticky bar pop-up – pop-ups that appear and stick either at the top or the bottom of your website. They remain situated with the visitors as they continue to scroll through the page. They create mobile and SEO-friendly browsing experiences.
  • Floating action button – small button pop-ups that stay placed on the side or appropriate area on the web page. They trigger an action on the same page, create a new page, favorite, or contain contact info. 

How Does Hustle Plugin Work?

The Hustle plugin helps you to set up those pop-up notifications on your website to gain more subscribers, generate more leads, and grow your social following. With this plugin, you can custom content modules, such as :

  • Pop-ups
  • Modal notification
  • Slide-ins
  • Embeds
  • Social shares

For instance, you can set up “pop-up” or “slide-in” with email opt-in, subtle reminders, tips, or information to catch the eye of your visitors. You can “embed” an advertisement on your web page for an upcoming event. Hustle generates a shortcode so you can put your form anywhere on your site. You can urge customers to share your content on social media with a prompt. All this can be easily set up on your WordPress site with the Hustle plugin.

Here is a short video to give an easy understanding of the Hustle Plugin:

Is Hustle Plugin Free?

There are two versions available for the Hustle plugin, that is the free Hustle and the HustlePro. The Hustle plugin is entirely free to download in the WordPress plugin. With this free version, you are getting all the features you’ll find in Hustle Pro with one limitation – you can only create one opt-in and one type of custom content.

On the other hand, if you are upgrading to the Hustle Pro version, you can create as many opt-ins, pop-ups, and slide-ins as you want with no limitations. Moreover, you will be provided with a various number of eye-catching templates for your pop-up that are only available in the Hustle Pro. To upgrade your Hustle plugin to the Pro version, you need to sign up for the WPMU membership first and choose your desired plan.

What Are the Features of Hustle Pro Plugin?

In the HustePro, you will get more features compared to the Hustle free version. The features are including an unlimited number of opt-ins, pop-ups, embeds, and social share for your website. You are also able to customize the module’s design and style, or even use the pre-designed templates available. Besides that, there are other useful features to handle your pop-up notifications, such as pop-up schedule, marketing module analytic, visitors behavior & visibility detection, and many more.

Unlimited marketing module

The Pro version provides you with an unlimited number of opt-ins, pop-ups, embeds, and the social share bar to be put on your website. Utilize it to advertise your website with email opt-in, tips, reminders, and many more that will persuade your visitor to subscribe.

Various pre-designed marketing module templates

Don’t worry about boring pop-up notifications. You can design it to your heart’s content from scratch or use the predesigned template to create attractive pop-ups, slide-ins, embeds, and social shares to be displayed on your website.

Customizable marketing module design and style

HustlePro lets you change the design and style of your marketing module to make it more standout and interesting to your visitors. For instance, customize your colors, animations, layout, drop shadows, and etc.

Pop-up and slide-in trigger

Make your pop-up and slide-in be more effective with behavior and trigger setup. Set up the time when the pop-up appears, whether it is based on the time on page, scroll amount, exit intent, etc. With this, you can control it in the way you want it to and in a way that will get the most response from the visitors.

Easy social sharing

Add the social sharing in your webpage as a floating bar, counter, widget, or shortcode. You can choose the top social icons, customize the color, and insert the number of sharing. It will give a promising impression on your website and easily build your following on your top social networks.

Third-party integration

Hustle integrates with all the popular email services, such as AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, etc). Just connect your account and start collecting new subscribers.

Intelligent behavior and visibility condition

Hustle detects all the behavior and condition you’ll need to target visitors with email opt-ins or ads. Set up intelligent conditions based on specific pages and posts, visitor device/browser, country, source of arrival, post-registration, browser cookie, and many more.

Marketing module pop-up schedule

Hustle allows you to schedule exactly when you want your marketing modules to appear. Set start and end dates, specific days of the week, certain times of day, and custom timezone to adhere to.

Marketing module analytic

After creating a pop-up, slide-in, or embed, track the results of each individual module with intelligent tracking data, conversion stats, and insightful charts for a visual representation.

Recaptcha spam warrior

Prevent bot subscribers from taking over your mailing lists. Hustle connects to Google’s ReCAPTCHA to protect your signup forms from spam.

Adblocker detection

Hustle has the moves and displays pop-ups and slide-ins even when Adblockers try to block your content.

You can check more about the HustlePro plugin and its function here.

Why Should I Use Hustle Pro?

  • Grow your business mailing lists
  • Charm your visitors with highly targeted display settings
  • Easily customize and design your pop-ups
  • Grab your visitor’s attention with Hustle “smart exit-intent” feature
  • Detect AdBlock on your visitors to let your pop-ups get noticed by them
  • Get busy with social sharing

How is The Pricing of Hustle Pro?

There are 3 plans offered in Hustle Pro pricing: Hustle Pro only, SEO & Marketing Pack, and WPMU DEV Membership. You can adjust the pricing according to the number of sites you’d like to give Hustle Pro for.

Hustle Pro Only

Includes all pop-up and opt-in features.

  • Monthly: $6/ month (1 site)
  • Yearly: $5/ month (1 site)

SEO & Marketing Pack

A full suite of SEO, analytics, forms, pop-ups, and branding tools.

  • Monthly: $9/ month (1 site)
  • Yearly: $7.50/ month (1 site)

WPMU DEV Membership

For all your WordPress development and site management needs.

  • Monthly: $19/ month (1 site)
  • Yearly: $15.83/ month (1 site)

Where Can I Get Hustle Pro?

Firstly, you can install the free Hustle plugin directly via your WordPress plugin.

Upgrade it to the Pro version here.

How Do I Use Hustle Pro?


  • Provide super useful features for a pop-ups plugin (Advanced Targeting, Exit Intent Technology, Geo-Targeting, etc)
  • Allow you to customize pop-ups design
  • Calculate visitor’s behaviors


  • A/B Testing comes with the premium version.

What Are the Alternatives to Hustle Pro

  • OptinMonster – includes pop-up builder and the most comprehensive set of targeting and personalization features.
  • TrustPulse – provides social-proof notifications to help build user trust, trigger the FOMO (fear of missing out) effect, and encourages more users to signup or make a purchase.
  • Bloom – an extremely easy-to-use pop-up plugin with a simple drag and drop popup maker.
  • WP Popups – a pop-up plugin by WordPress with an intuitive template builder.
  • Mail Optin – a rich-featured pop-up plugin to boost lead generation and automation.


The HustlePro is a pop-up plugin for WordPress effective for increasing your website traffic. That is to say, the pop-up, slides-in, embeds, and social share features will certainly help you turn visitors into subscribers, improve marketing engagement, and improve your web conversion rate. It enables you to customize the notification template to match your web design. Moreover, the plugin is super-smooth, effective, easy to use, and provides quick results, making it an ideal choice for your pop-up needs.


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