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One of the best jQuery data tables alternative for WordPress is admin columns pro, it over feature like Smart Filtering, Inline Edit, Bulk Edit, Sorting, Column/Row modification, and many more.

Although it is tightly integrated with the WordPress UI but still it is one of the closest alternatives to having jQuery data tables on your WordPress admin site.

Rating: 8/10

Is it any good or bad?

I’ve been using admin columns pro myself for almost 3 years now for my vast majority of clients, and have no problem with it. There are one thing I really like the most about the plugin is the integration with Woocommerce, I can modify my admin orders page and show some of my custom fields although sometimes there is incompatibility with the custom column hook but it works pretty well and I think it worth trying.

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Tutorial :

If you want to learn more about setting up this plugin, you can go to one of these tutorials. I like to watch the tutorial featuring WPTuts, i think it got a very detailed explanation on setting and using the plugin.


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