Piotnet Forms - Easily Create Professional Forms for Your Business (Review 2021)

Piotnet Forms - Easily Create Professional Forms for Your Business (Review 2021)

Creating a simple yet interactive form for your website requires you to use a good form builder. Among many form builders on WordPress, there is a lightweight form builder that allows you to create any kind of form. That is Piotnet Forms. Read our review of Piotnet Forms in this post.

Getting Started

Piotnet Forms is a highly customizable form builder plugin for WordPress. This plugin helps you to create professional and intuitive forms for business purposes easily. It’s so lightweight even a standard form only loads 11KB CSS and JS combined. The user interface is similar to Elementor so it’s easy to use. Not only that, but it also provides many great features to build both business and personal forms.

Just launched in September 2020, Piotnet Forms already gained more than 4000 active installations on WordPress. Moreover, it also has a successful product called PAFE (Piotnet Addons For Elementor) which is a dedicated add-on for Elementor Page Builder.  The men behind Piotnet Forms is the Piotnet Team that is led by Lương Hữu Phước (Louis Hufer) which belongs to Gama Tai An Joint Stock Company from Vietnam.

What Does Piotnet Forms Do?

You can create any type of form for your WordPress site using the Piotnet Forms plugin.

With the free version, you can build a professional landing page with just “drag & drop” without writing any code. In addition to that, you can customize a responsive border, padding, margin, color for field, and submit button.

If you upgrade to the Pro version, you will get more access to create your forms and integration with other third-party apps. Starting from booking, multi-step form, register & login form, submit post & edit post form, signature field, form abandonment, and label animation you can create them with Piotnet Forms. Not only that, but you also create WooCommerce one-page checkout and WooCommerce dynamic pricing since Piotnet Forms has integration with WooCommerce.

Read Piotnet Forms features below.

What Are the Features of Piotnet Forms?

Piotnet Forms offers a ton of great features so you can create any type of form that is highly customizable. The following are the list of Piotnet Forms features:

Piotnet Forms features

Among those features, there are a few notable features that you must know from Piotnet Forms.


With this feature, you can create a booking system that allows your customers to choose timeslots and book appointments. Thus, you can save up money from subscribing to other plugins for creating a booking appointment.

Frontend Post Submission

You can easily allow your customers to submit content through the front end of your website with this feature. Moreover, you can also have them register and log in through Piotnet Forms as well.

Repeater Fields

Repeater fields allow your customers to duplicate fields and sections many times so this is really helpful if you have multiple chunks of information that you need users to submit at one time. For instance, you could create a parts repeater in which the customer enters a part number and description. They could add as many parts as they need.

Form Abandonment

You can see the details of customers who attempted to fill up the form but didn’t submit it. Hence,  it can be useful to understand if you should improve your front-end form by asking for less possible information.

Image Select Field

This feature allows you to add visual images to the form to select from. Thus, it makes the form more interactive by improving the user experience. With this, your customers can see the form with multiple-image options that describe the options.

Distance Calculation

This feature is automatically calculating the distance from one place to another place. Hence, it’s helpful if you want to create a form for something like a food delivery business, so the customers can easily get the live cost quotation to order food from a certain restaurant and send it to their place.

Conditional Logic

Piotnet Forms is not only providing a highly customizable form but also allows you to customize your user experience with the conditional logic feature. Even though this feature is pretty complicated to use, but this is a great addition.

Pay Through Piotnet Forms

No need to buy a paid addon to accept payments through a form. Piotnet Forms has integrated with several payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and WooCommerce. Hence, your customer can directly pay from your forms by choosing them.

Signature Field

Now, you can ask for a signature through your forms. This feature is useful when you create a form for a proposal or contract especially when you ask for a few pieces of information. This way you could protect yourself from any legal disputes in the future.

Preview Submission

This feature allows your customers to see the submitted information that they have submitted through the form.

Why Should I Use Piotnet Forms?

Highly customizable form builder

Piotnet Forms allows you to customize every part of the forms by simply dragging & dropping without coding. In addition to that, you can do the customization easily due to its simple and intuitive user interface.

Great features for form builder

You can create any kind of form for your website with Piotnet Forms because it provides you with a bunch of great features. There are features dedicated to online shopping purposes, such as repeater fields, image select fields, distance calculation, and pay through Piotnet Forms. Apart from that, you can also create a professional form for business relations by utilizing the signature fields feature.

Powerful integration options

Piotnet Forms has powerful integrations with several third-party apps. First of all, it has integrated with the big payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe. Next, Piotnet Forms integrates well with other WordPress plugins as well including WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, Pods, and Meta Box. It is also integrated with Google Sheets, Google Maps, and Google Calendar. In addition to that, Piotnet Forms has integrations with email marketing platforms like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Zoho CRM, GetResponse, MailerLite, MailPoet, HubSpot, SendFox, Sendy, Twilio, Whatsapp, and TextA.

Provides free plugin

Piotnet provides a free plugin on WordPress that allows you to create a decent basic form.

Is Piotnet Forms Free?

Yes, there is a free plugin of Piotnet Forms that you can use without additional charge. Certainly, the free plugin comes with only the basic features. If you want to get more features like booking, register & login form builder, WooCommerce one page checkout, and many more then you should upgrade to Piotnet Forms premium plans.

How Much Does Piotnet Forms Cost?

There are 3 premium plans for Piotnet Forms which you can choose from. All plans are for a one-year subscription or a lifetime.


  • For 1 site
  • Costs $40 per year


  • For unlimited sites
  • Costs $80 per year


  • For unlimited sites
  • Costs $99 one time

Find out more about Piotnet Forms pricing and plans here.

How to Use Piotnet Forms?



  • Versatile form builder
  • Easy to use
  • Provides several great features
  • Powerful integration options
  • Value for money


  • Lacks in documentation
  • Requires you to install two plugins if you use the Pro version
  • No Google Analytics integration
  • The conditional logic feature is complicated to use


Piotnet Forms is a highly customizable WordPress Form Builder that allows you to create any kind of form. The plugin itself is lightweight and easy to use, hence, it will give you a great user experience when creating forms with it. Since it comes with tons of great features, it will equip you in any aspect to create interactive yet simple forms. Moreover, its powerful integration with third-party apps like payment gateway, email marketing platforms, and other WordPress plugins will surely give you many benefits. You can start using the free plugin from Piotnet Forms to create an ordinary form and upgrade to the Pro version if you want to create a more complex form.


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