7 Best Migration WordPress Plugins You Need to Use in 2021

7 Best Migration WordPress Plugins You Need to Use in 2021

Moving your website to a new hosting company is time-consuming and risky, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need to move the database, files, plugins, and theme. At the same, you should reduce downtime and avoid broken links so that your SEO is not affected. Then, what should you do?

The answer is looking for the best WordPress migration plugin to move your website. With WordPress migration plugins, you can easily manage your website transfer and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

In this post, we will list the 7 Best Migration Plugins for WordPress Site that you need to know along with short reviews.

WP Migrate DB – Powerful migration plugin

WP Migrate DBWP Migrate DB is a powerful freemium WordPress plugin for migrating databases from your old WordPress site to the new site. It allows you to export your database, perform a find & replace that handles serialized data, and save migration profiles. Moreover, it can also easily transfer media files, themes, and plugins with separate addons. Migrating sites is easy, fast, and straightforward with WP Migrate DB.

Some WP Migrate DB features are database export, search & replace, pause & cancel migration, compatibility mode, exclude spam & transients, save migration profile, and secure code. Read more.

WPvivid – All in one migration & backup plugin

wp-vividWPvivid is an all-in-one freemium migration plugin for WordPress. It offers backup, migration, and staging as basic features. Not only that, but the plugin also has other great features, such as unused images cleaner and one-click restore. Therefore, WPvivid is suitable for any range of companies, either small, medium, or large businesses. Moreover, you can integrate with 7+ major cloud storage providers.

Some WPvivid free features are easy backup, auto migration, one-click restore, staging site, off-site backup, and unused images cleaner. As for the Pro version, there are additional features like advanced migration, database encryption, incremental backup, and white-label. Read more.

Migrate Guru – Fastest migration plugin for large websites

Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru is a WordPress migration plugin by the creator behind Blog Vault, a popular WordPress backup solution. It claims to give the fastest way to migrate WordPress sites. Hence, this plugin is suitable for large multisite websites. Migrate Guru is a completely free plugin so you can migrate your website without an upgrade.

Some Migrate Guru features are one-click migration, seamless multisite support, all web hosting compatibility, zero downtime during migration, real-time tracking, and progress alert.

UpdraftPlus – Best backup plugin with migration feature

UpdraftplusUpdraftPlus is a powerful freemium that does both backups and restores. Even though this plugin works mainly for backup, its premium version comes with a quick migration tool, incremental backups, and duplicates. Moreover, it has integration with off-site storage locations, including Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Google Drive.

Some UpdraftPlus features are quick migration, WordPress multisite support, database encryption, and incremental backup. Read more.

Duplicator – Best migration plugin

DuplicatorDuplicator is one of the best migration plugins for WordPress sites. It lets you migrate, copy, move, or clone websites with ease and zero downtime. You can definitely use this plugin without any technical knowledge since it provides a simple step-by-step wizard that guides you through the migration.

The Duplicator free version features allow you to migrate, move, clone websites, pull a live site down into a local environment, and manual or automatic backup. However, if you want to get more advantages like drag & drop migration, connecting to cPanel directly, scheduled backups, and cloud storage integrations then you need to upgrade to Duplicator Pro.

VaultPress – Premium backup & security scanning plugin for migration

VaultPressVaultPress is a premium backup and security scanning plugin powered by Jetpack. However, besides being the secured backup plugin, VaultPress also able to do website migration by backing up, restoring, and cloning websites to another location.

Some VaultPress features are one-click restore, easy site migration, automated daily backup, security scanning & protection, and uptime monitoring. Read more.

Better Search Replace – Lightweight search & replace plugin for migration

Better Search ReplaceBetter Search Replace is a lightweight freemium search & replace plugin for WordPress. Actually, this plugin helps you to do a few database modifications when migrating your website to a new domain or server. That is to say, it’s more like a supplementary plugin where you use it whenever you need it and uninstall it after using it. Hence, with this plugin, you can migrate your website database easier and simpler.

Some Better Search Replace features are simple migration, fast backup & import, and search & replace. Read more.

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With the help of WordPress migration plugins, you can make sure your website migration process goes smoothly and safely. However, you need to know first which migration backup plugins work the best on your website.

Duplicator is probably the best migration plugin to help you migrate your WordPress site. Even its free version already provides all functions for migration meanwhile the Pro version adds more convenience to the process.

If you have a large multisite website and want a fast migration process with no downtime guarantee, then Migrate Guru is the right choice for you. Moreover, you can use Migrate Guru for free completely.

The next great alternative plugin for migrating websites is WP Migrate DB. This plugin offers all the basic features you need for migration that works wonderfully.

If you want to have an all-in-one plugin for backup, migration, and restore then you can choose between WPvivid, UpdraftPlus, or Better Search Replace. Even though Better Search Replace is more of a supplementary plugin to help you migrate websites smoothly.

Another alternative for a more secure backup & migration plugin is VaultPress. It’s a premium plugin that offers easy migration, one-click restore, and daily automated backup in one plugin.

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