Better Search Replace - A Lightweight Search & Replace Plugin for Multisite WordPress (Review 2021)

Better Search Replace - A Lightweight Search & Replace Plugin for Multisite WordPress (Review 2021)

Usually, prior to website migration, you need to run a search and replace the database for everything to work correctly. Fortunately, you can use the search and replace plugin to help you do that task. Search and replace plugins allow you to replace domains, content, or HTML codes on your WordPress site and many more things.

In this post, we will cover one of the best free search and replace plugins, Better Search Replace by Delicious Brain.

Getting Started

Better Search Replace (BSR) is a WordPress search and replace plugin that saves time and effort. This plugin helps you to do a few database modifications when migrating your website to a new domain or server. That is to say, it’s more like a supplementary plugin where you use it whenever you need it and uninstall it after using it. Hence, migrating a database becomes much easier and simple using Better Search Replace.

Initially, Better Search Replace plugin is invented by Matt Shaw, the inventor of the Revisr plugin, which lets developers synchronize WordPress with a remote Git repository. Later on, Delicious Brain acquires Better Search Replace and develop it alongside its WP Migrate DB plugin. As the two plugins work in a similar way, you can combine the Better Search Replace for search and replace tool prior to the migration by WP Migrate DB.

You can install Better Search Replace plugin on WordPress and use it for free. Furthermore, it’s very user-friendly as it enables beginners to use it easily. As a result of being open-source, Better Search Replace is fully compatible with WordPress sites. It also comes in 4 different languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish. Additionally, there is a Pro version that claims to be a lightweight migration plugin.

What Does Better Search Replace Do?

Better Search Replace is a refreshing new approach to database search and replaces plugins. It was mainly based on Interconnect/open It’s source Search Replace DB script, which replaces PHP serialized text and objects without causing damage. Moreover, Better Search Replace wraps it up with native WordPress database operations and a user-friendly interface.

To be more specific, Better Search Replace plugin combines the finest aspects of various plugins into a single plugin that includes the following features:

  • All tables have serialization support.
  • The ability to choose and choose particular tables
  • The ability to perform a “dry run” to determine how many fields will be changed.
  • There are no server requirements other than a WordPress installation that is up and running. WordPress Multisite support is also available.

How to Do Search and Replace on WordPress?

Originally, performing a search and replace on WordPress can be done through 5 ways:

  1. Search and replace plugins on WordPress, like Better Search Research plugin
  2. Dedicated search and replace tools, like Kinsta’s search and replace tool
  3. PHP script interconnect/it Search Replace DB
  4. Directly using WP-CLI
  5. Run a Find and Replace MySQL Query with phpMyAdmin

What Are The Features Inside Better Search Replace?

Migrations Made Simple

Better Search Replace is a WordPress migration plugin that saves time and effort. Migrating a database is no longer difficult as this plugin makes the process easier.

Fast Backups and Imports

You can use Better Search Replace for backup, import, and migrate your database across WordPress installs. The plugin works to operate right out of the box, allowing you to go back to accomplishing what matters most.

Detailed Results

In easy-to-read diffs, you can see the exact changes that happen during a search/replace. In the Pro version, there are precise row and column numbers that display any changes detected in a search/replace so you always know what you’re doing.

Save Search/Replace Profiles

To save even more time while transferring your database, you can create an infinite number of search/replace profiles. You can use these profiles to do another search/replace, as well as on a backup file or during an import for lightning-fast migrations.

Features Overview

  • View the changes made during a search/replace.
  • Save as many search/replace profiles as you want for subsequent usage.
  • Download a database backup with URL replacements if desired.
  • While doing a search/replace, import your database.
  • To enhance dependability, imports are initially done on temporary tables.
  • Domains for development are limitless (such as localhost)
  • 1 year of priority email support and update
  • Documentation for the entire plugin is extensive
  • Offer a 30-day money-back guarantee

Better Search Replace Pro Version

Besides the free plugin on WordPress, Better Search Replace also offers a Pro version. By subscribing to the Pro version, you can get more advanced features including:

  • View the changes made during a search/replace.
  • While conducting a search/replace, backup, and import the database.
  • Priority email assistance from the plugin’s creator
  • Custom profiles may be saved or loaded to easily repeat a search/replace in the future.
  • 1 year of support and updates

How Much Does Better Search Replace Cost?

If you want to get the Pro version, there are 3 subscription plans in Better Search Replace pricing:

Personal – $59

  • 1 site 
  • 1 year of software upgrades 
  • Unlimited development domains
  • Standard email support for a year
  • All features   

Developer – $79

  • Sites with No Limits
  • Domains for development are limitless.
  • Software updates for a year
  • Priority email support for a year
  • All features 

Ultimate – $ 99

  • Sites with No Limits
  • Domains for development are limitless.
  • Software upgrades last a long time.
  • Priority email support for a year
  • All of the features    

For more details about Better Search Replace pricing, plans, and features, click here.

Why Should I Use Better Search Replace?

Better Search Replace is a simple and easy-to-use plugin for search and replace. A search and replace tool is a quick way to find text and replace it online without making major changes to your website. Therefore, Better Search Replace plugin is great to make quick fixes on your WordPress site. You can make these fixes within the WordPress database or in real-time. Importantly, this plugin supports multisite WordPress.

With the save search/ replace profiles feature, you can save custom profiles to repeat the search and replace in the future easily. Besides that, you also get full updates and support for a year as well as priority email support. Moreover, the Better Search Replace Pro enables you to backup and import the database while you do changes to your website.

How Does This Work on WordPress Multisite?

Only Network admins will be able to see and use this plugin if it is installed on a WordPress Multisite installation. Network administrators can use the dashboard of any subsite to do a search/replace on just that subsite’s tables, or the dashboard of the main/base site to perform a search/replace on all tables.

How to Install Better Search Replace?

Better Search Replace may be installed in the same way as any other WordPress plugin.

Methodology for the Dashboard:

  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New in your WordPress admin and log in.
  2. In the search bar, type “Better Search Replace” and pick this plugin.
  3. Select “Install,” then “Activate Plugin.”

Method of uploading:

  1. Unzip the plugin and insert the “better-search-replace” folder in your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. In WordPress, go to the Plugins menu and activate the plugin.

How to Install Better Search Replace Plugin?

Here’s how to use it.

  1. Install and activate the Better Search Replace plugin
    Better Search Replace Plugin
  2. Enter the menu better search-replace and fill in the link field on the previous website host and replace it with the new domain server link.better search replace tutorial
  3. Select all tables.
  4. Check Replace GUIDs
  5. Press the Run Search / Replace button

How to Use Better Search Replace


  • The best tool for replacing links or any other thing on the WordPress site
  • Saving time
  • The free version gives good services


  • Sometimes the plugin can’t work properly

What Are Better Search Replace Alternatives?

Apart from Better Search Replace, there are other plugins that you can use for search & replace on WordPress:


Better Search Replace is a supplementary plugin when you migrate your website. This plugin helps you to replace domains, content, or HTML codes on your WordPress site. Hence, with this plugin, you can rapidly and effectively search the database for issues. In practice, you can use this plugin whenever you need it on your website and uninstall it after using it. The plugin comes with many advantages, including being user-friendly, easy-to-use, supporting WordPress multisite, and free to use.


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