Good website content is not only about uploading many posts in a short span of time but so much more. You need to consider which keywords you target for your posts, how large your image files are, and whether or not your content is readable for everyone. In order to achieve that, you need an SEO plugin for your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method to improve a website’s ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The process of doing this is by bringing high-quality traffic to your sites via the search results in the search engine through powerful stats, keyword ranking, and backlink information. Your site’s ranking will go up along with the increasing number of your visitors.

Luckily, several WordPress SEO plugins exist, and many of them are completely free. Here we will introduce you to SmartCrawl. 


SmartCrawl is an SEO tools plugin made by WPMU Dev. Precisely, its full name is “SmartCrawl WordPress SEO checker, analyzer, and optimizer”. With this plugin, you can give your site SEO optimization and rank on the internet. This plugin works by improving keyword optimization, XML sitemaps, optimizing your meta tags, titles & descriptions, and boost your PageRank on Google. It has more than 93.000 active installs and has been downloaded 715.000+ times. Besides the free plugin, there is the SmartCrawl Pro that comes with a WPMU Dev Membership. Subscribing to the Pro version of SmartCrawl will give you access to more advanced SEO tools and other premium plugins by WPMU Dev. 

Watch this overview video about SmartCrawl

What are the features inside SmartCrawl?

SmartCrawl helps your website to rank higher in Google search by empowering you with these features:

  • One-click setup wizard

Just download the plugin, activate it, and get ready to boost your web SEO.

  • Automated SEO checkups and reports

Run a checkup and get a comprehensive report on how to optimize your site for better performance in search engines.

  • Content Analyzer

SmartCrawl automatically checks your content’s readability and keyword density then gives you suggestions on how to improve it so that it will increase the chance of ranking highly, as well as to make sure it’s being easy for the average person to read.

  • Sitemap auto-generator and search engine notifications

Automatically update your sitemap and submit it to search engines when you publish new pages, posts, post types, or taxonomies. Not only that, you can choose which post types, archives, and taxonomies you wish to include, exclude, or add. This will help the search engines to find content on your site.

  • Titles and meta descriptions

Customize your content’s titles and descriptions displayed on search pages. Take advantage of 40+ macros to improve your display.

  • Site crawls, scans, and reports

Crawl your site to check the status of your sitemap and to identify URL issues that may reduce your web ability to rank in search engines. 

  • Schema Types Builder

Add and customize the properties of schema markup types including Article, Web Page, Rating and Review, Products, Local Business, and more. This will make it easy for search engines to know what your data means, not just what it says.

  • Automatic linking

Let SmartCrawl automatically link certain keywords to your blog.

  • 301 Redirects

Automatically redirect your traffic from one URL to another page with updated contents with SmartCrawl’s URL redirection tool. 

  • Leverage Social Media

SmartCrawl includes Open Graph, Twitter card, and Pinterest. Customize the look of your social posts with OpenGraph. Also, connect your social profiles so that you will get credited whenever someone shares your content. 

  • Moz Integration

Easily connect your Moz, the leading SEO reports, with built-in integration

  • Direct interaction with Google and Bing 

Why do I need to use SmartCrawl?

  • Helps you to create an easy-to-read content
  • Gives you keyword opportunities, auto backlink
  • Save time and money on manual SEO audits
  • Invite more visitors to your website
  • Increase your website ranking on the internet
  • Gets data visualization about your marketing campaigns 

Where can I get SmartCrawl?

WPMU Dev provides the free SmartCrawl plugins and the Pro version of SmartCrawl.

You can install the free plugin directly from your WordPress admin panel. Open the plugin menu and search SmartCrawl. Click the install now button to add it immediately to your WordPress. After the installation is completed, click the activate button. Find out more about the free SmartCrawl plugin here.

For the Pro version, WPMU Dev offers the paid SmartCrawl with more advanced features.

You can open the WPMUDev website here to see the plans. If you are still not sure how to use SmartCrawl, you can try its free trial for 7 days.

There are 3 plans available for SmartCrawl:

  • Pro Only

SEO tools only.

Features: SmartCrawl Pro, White Label plugin (10 and unlimited sites only), limited additional platform benefit.

  • SEO & Marketing Pack

Full package of SEO, analytic, forms, popups, and branding tools.

Features: SmartCrawl Pro, Forminator Pro, Hustle Pro, Beehive Pro, Branda Pro, White Label Plugin (10 and unlimited sites only), limited additional platform benefit.

  • WPMU DEV Membership

Complete package for your WordPress development and site management needs.

Features: SmartCrawl Pro, Forminator Pro, Hustle Pro, Beehive Pro, Branda Pro, White Label Plugin, complete additional platform benefits. 

The prices for subscriptions are depending on the number of sites you’d like to give it to (1 site, up to 10 sites, unlimited sites) and the type of billing (monthly or yearly). You can get the cheapest SmartCrawl tool with the Pro Only plan costs $5/ month under the condition that there is only 1 site and yearly billing. 

How do I use SmartCrawl?

Pros :

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Free but worthy
  • Good readability check and reading level test
  • Moz integrated 

Cons :

  • Only one readability check
  • Need to upgrade to Pro version for complete features


SmartCrawl is a good SEO tool to optimize your website content ranking for free. It comes with basic features like SEO content analyzer, reports, sitemap generator, automatic linking, and social media & Moz integration. To get the more in-depth SEO features, you can get the SmartCrawl Pro. We recommend you add this free plugin to your website in order to improve your website performance. 


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