WP Rocket - Get an excellent PageSpeed score with the world's best cache plugin

WP Rocket - Get an excellent PageSpeed score with the world's best cache plugin

Speed in websites is one of the most important factors that determine your website ranking in Google and other search engines. Most people who visit a website will leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s why achieving fast page loading is a must. 

There are various web speed optimization plugins that aim to increase SEO performance. But not all plugins are working right to help you achieve that goal. 

In this article, we will talk about WP Rocket, which many are claiming to be one of the best caching plugins to get an excellent PageSpeed score for your website! 

Getting Started

WP Rocket is a premium web performance acceleration plugin for WordPress. The plugin uses caching to accelerate website loading times. Launched in July 2013, WP Rocket has optimized more than 1776k websites all around the world. According to WordPress experts, it is one of the most powerful caching tools on the internet. 

Thanks to its wide range of options and automatic optimization features, it is a very useful plugin that can be easily used by experienced WordPress users as well as beginners. WP Rocket dedicates the plugin to provide tools for faster websites and better performance through existing solutions without complex setup. Moreover, the plugin is compatible with the most popular themes and plugins. Making it more convenient to use. 

To sum it up, you can use WP Rocket to cache your website and ensure it loads blazing fast. As a result, your SEO rankings are improving along with the increasing conversion rates. 

What are the features of WP Rocket?

To accelerate your website loading times, WP Rocket includes a few beneficial options in simplicity. They will take action upon the activation. So you can sit back and enjoy! 

  • Page Caching

Say no to slow loading! Cache your WordPress site using WP Rocket to make your site load ultra-fast. It’s definitely the real key to boost your SEO and increase conversions. 

  • Cache Preloading

Let your visitors enjoy the speedy cached content of your site whenever they visit! WP Rocket automatically preloads the cache every time you make some changes on your web pages. 

  • Browser Caching

Store the frequently accessed resources of your site like images, JS, CSS, or so in the local memory of any devices, be it desktop or mobile. In addition to that, you can apply browser caching to your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel files using WP Rocket. 

  • CSS & JavaScript Optimization 

Optimizing your WordPress code is so easy with WP Rocket. WP Rocket removes unnecessary elements from your sites to make your files faster and lighter to load. 

  • LazyLoad 

Load images or Iframes on-page only when the visitors need to display them. This feature saves bandwidth and makes it faster for browsing on your sites. 

  • GZIP Compression

Compress web pages on the server and decompress them in the browser. The decreased-sized files make it quicker to load the contents. 

  • WebP Compatibility 

WP Rocket creates a separate cache file to serve WebP images to compatible browsers. It automatically works to suit the common plugins you might be using for WebP. 

  • Database Optimization 

See the report on how many databases are available for optimization. You can clean up revisions, trash posts, transients, or let WP Rocket do it for you. 

  • CDN Compatibility 

It doesn’t matter what CDN provider you’re using as WP Rocket will work seamlessly with any of them. Activating CDN integration requires only one click. 

  • eCommerce Optimization

All features in WP Rocket will make your eCommerce website run fast and smoothly. No interference in the purchasing process 

  • Excellent Compatibility 

Enjoy peace of mind: WP Rocket is compatible with the most popular themes and plugins and it works with the top managed WordPress hostings. 

How does WP Rocket work?

WP Rocket caches your pages by creating static HTML files and making them easily available for future visitors. Not only that, but it also applies browser caching where the browser is storing the commonly-used but rarely-updated files in its local cache memory. This process combination makes your website run lightly and results in blazing fast-loading pages. 

For your information, having a fast-loading website is beneficial in Google and other search engines. When the loading time of your pages increases, your visitors get bored and click out of your website, resulting in a higher bounce rate and bad SEO ranking. Avoid this and take advantage of caching with WP Rocket. 

Why should I use WP Rocket?

  • Quick setup

Optimizing your website with WP Rocket is fast and easy as you just need to install it and the plugin will do the rest. No need to touch the code or set up the options. 

  • The most powerful features for web performance

WP Rocket includes many features that work right to speed up your website. Caching, LazyLoad, Preload, Delay JS, Remove Unused CSS, and many more features are available for you. 

  • Excellent support

Rely on WP Rocket support service and technical documentation to solve your problem. 

  • Broad compatibility with hostings, themes, and plugins

There is no time to worry about WP Rocket compatibility. Any of your hosting providers, themes, and plugins works smoothly with WP Rocket. 

WP Rocket is compatible with 99% of hosting companies like DreamHost, Bluehost, GoDaddy, and many more. Also, it works with some of the most popular themes and page builders such as Elementor, Avada, Visual Composer, and so on. In addition to that, many popular plugins in WordPress like WPForms, JetPack, Wordfence, and more are suitable with WP Rocket. 

  • eCommerce compatibility

No matter what eCommerce plugin you’re using for your WordPress site, WP Rocket can optimize it to ensure it’s faster. 

  • Multilingual compatibility

You can customize the cache options for a specific language or for all languages at the same time. 

  • Advanced features

Not only provides you with superficial caching features, but WP Rocket also has advanced features like fine-tuning cache rules, database optimization, CDN integration, and Rocket add-ons. 

What is the pricing of WP Rocket?

To take advantage of WP Rocket all-rounded features, you can choose between 3 licenses offered by WP Rocket:

  • Single – $49 for one year & one website
  • Plus – $99 for one year & three websites
  • Infinite – $249 for one year & unlimited websites 

Just in case something happened during the process, WP Rocket also provides a 100% money-back guarantee if you request it within 14 days of your purchase. 

Read more about WP Rocket’s pricing.

Where can I get WP Rocket?

Since WP Rocket is a premium plugin, you must buy its licenses first before installing it. You can choose between 3 WP Rocket’s pricing tiers as mentioned above. Then download the plugin, upload it to your WordPress, and you’re done! 

WP Rocket will automatically optimize your website. 

How to use WP Rocket?


  1. Automatic speed optimization
  2. Simple and easy to use
  3. Works well with any plugins, themes, and website hostings
  4. Completely worth the cost 


  • No free plugin, only premium services
  • Overwhelming additional features


WP Rocket is the fastest and easy-to-use premium speed optimization plugin. It features various advanced optimizations, such as caching, preloading, lazyload, CSS/HTML/JS minification, database optimization, and more. Unlike the other optimization plugin, WP Rocket provides solutions without complex configuration. You can get it started right after the installation. 

Whether you are a beginner or professional who has high traffic websites then WP Rocket is the choice for your speed optimization plugin. It claims to be one of the best caching plugins ever. In fact, the plugin does work well and is highly compatible. Totally worth the cost. 


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