Metorik is a self-funded startup situated in Melbourne, Australia. They are a small but dedicated crew of eCommerce and technology enthusiasts. It’s been entrusted with resolving some major issues for certain large WooCommerce stores. They don’t take anything for granted.

Customer-requested features are frequently implemented. Customers report bugs, and they are fixed right away. And, perhaps most crucially, they assess our work’s success based on the success of our clients. Customers are their primary priority, and they consider them in every company choice.

Because there’s a lot that goes into running a successful eCommerce site, from product sourcing to marketing, and from fulfillment to customer service, it’s not an easy process. While WooCommerce handles a lot of the hard work, it’s no secret that it falls short in a number of areas.

That is precisely why Metorik was developed. Metorik is your WooCommerce co-pilot since it will assist you in understanding customers, providing useful insights into your data, and eventually assisting you in growing and increasing sales.

Metorik accomplishes this by integrating with your WooCommerce store and offering you with lightning-fast reports, limitless data segmentation, abandoned cart tracking, and email automation.

What are the features and benefits of Metorik?

Powerful, beautiful and real-time reports

Metorik provides a ton of WooCommerce reports, all created from the bottom up to give you vital insights into your store’s various elements. Use the revenue report to receive a quick overview of your cash flow, the orders report to dig further into the specifics of your orders, and the customer reports to learn more about who is visiting your store and how to keep them coming back. Metorik also includes a number of other reports that can help you understand your subscriptions, refunds, sources, items, and even future growth.

Lightning-fast data segmentation

Metorik also includes an easy-to-use segmentation system that lets you build an unlimited number of filters on any WooCommerce resource. Filter orders, customers, goods, categories, subscriptions, coupons, and carts indefinitely. Want to see all customers that have an LTV of $500 or more but haven’t ordered in over a year? It’s no problem. Last month’s orders for a specific product utilizing a specific UTM tag? Easy. The segmenting system in Metorik enables you to answer any query you might have regarding your data.

Abandoned cart tracking and email automation

Send clients personalised abandoned cart emails at various intervals when they abandon their cart – all automatically. And you may also send targeted, personalized automated emails to clients when they fulfill particular criteria, such as when their subscription is due to expire. Maintain client engagement while generating new and consistent revenue streams.

Customised email (and Slack) reports and integrations

To top it off, you can construct your own personalized reports with any metrics that are sent to your email or Slack channel using Metorik’s digests function. Metorik also works with Google Analytics, Slack, Help Scout, and the official WooCommerce Subscriptions, Cost of Goods Sold, and Shipment Tracking extensions, among others.

Why Should You Use Metorik?

Metorik provides real-time reporting and segmentation. Customer emails can be sent automatically, data can be exported, customer profiles can be viewed, and so on. Dedicated assistance. Emails about abandoned shopping carts. Analytics with a single click. Everything should be exported.

Where Can You Get Metorik?

You can access metorik from you PC, MAC, & Desktop by entering into their Official Website

How to Use Metorik?

How Much Does It Cost?

Their pricing is straightforward and built to grow with your company. They figure out how much it costs you based on how many orders clients place each month. Even better, you can subscribe to many stores with a single subscription. To calculate your order, go to their Official Website’s pricing section.

For up to 500 purchases each month, the monthly price is around $50. While the annual payout is approximately $41,7 each month for up to 500 orders, the reward is approximately $41,7 per month for the monthly payment. We’d charge you $250 to offset the price difference over the last 6 months if you started on a yearly membership for $500/year and needed to move to the $1000/year plan after 6 months.

Similarly, if you needed to downgrade from a $1000/year plan to a $500/year plan, we’d credit your account with $250, which would be applied to your next year’s renewal.

Are there discounts for paying annually?

If you pay for the year in advance, you will receive two months free.

Will I be charged when my 30-day free trial is up?

No. You may use their 30-day free trial to completely test out Metorik and all of its features without having to add a credit card or pay anything. It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to continue using Metorik after your trial period has ended.

How can I pay for Metorik?

Metorik must be paid for with a credit card in WooCommerce stores. Metorik must be paid for by Shopify stores through their Shopify bill.

Is Metorik available on a free plan?

They’re presently concentrating on their paying customers in order to provide the greatest possible experience to all Metorik users. However, feel free to give it a shot!


  • The plugin has delivered on all of its promises by providing a comprehensive collection of capabilities to enhance your WooCommerce experience.
  • It strikes the perfect balance of usefulness and simplicity. When you compare it to its WooCommerce counterpart, you’ll see how powerful this plugin is.
  • The user interface is well-organized, simple to use, and transitions between a large number of settings.
  •  Metorik’s most valuable feature is segmentation, which provides you with a variety of data points to better analyze your store’s performance.


As far as what has been researched, we haven’t found any bad thing from Metorik. Many users really love to use Metorik because it has many benefits, its quick, simple and very organized.

We haven’t found anything negative about Metorik based on our study. Many customers enjoy using Metorik because of its several advantages, including its speed, simplicity, and organization


Running an eCommerce store needs meticulous management of both the front and back ends, with little room for error. To know what your customers want and offer the appropriate product at the right time, you must stay on top of their expectations at all times.

While WooCommerce excels in many areas, its reporting and analytics capabilities are not among its strongest. If you’re a WooCommerce user, you’re probably looking for a plugin to help you bridge this gap.

Metorik was created with a similar goal in mind. The plugin is a useful management tool that works in conjunction with your WooCommerce store. The application will present you with essential data in an effective manner that allows you to infer and analyze key topics.


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