Iconic - Powerful Plugin to Boost Your Sales on WooCommerce (Review 2021)

Iconic - Powerful Plugin to Boost Your Sales on WooCommerce (Review 2021)

Starting an online business is not so easy. You have to prepare what products to offer, put them up to your storefront, arrange the payment, and shipping the products to your customers. However, you can easily set up your online store website with those functionalities using Iconic!

In this article, we will review Iconic, the powerful plugin to assist your online business to reach higher sales and conversions.

Getting Started

Iconic is a WooCommerce plugin company to help you boost your online store’s sales.  It offers rich-featured premium extensions to assist your business get the most out of WooCommerce. If you have an online store based on WooCommerce then you should try the Iconic plugin. 

With over 12,000 happy customers and hundreds of 5-star plugin ratings, Iconic has proven to offers high-quality plugins and support for online stores. They have been trusted by 16,000+ business owners in WooCommerce and will help more business owners and online stores to boost their sales.

What Does Iconic Do?

Iconic offers bundles and standalone purchasing of its premium extensions for WooCommerce. By adding extensions, you can enhance WooCommerce capabilities to enable many things, for instance:

  • Displaying product variations on the shop page as separate products (WooCommerce Show Single Variations)
  • Enhanced image and video display (WooThumbs)
  • Simple attribute swatch creation (WooCommerce Attribute Swatches)
  • Delivery date & time pickers (WooCommerce Delivery Slots) and more. 

What Are The Products Iconic Offer?

Iconic offers many useful WooCommerce extensions for various sales purposes like Checkout, Enhancement, Marketing, Product Type, Shipping, and Variations.

Here are some of the best extensions by Iconic:

  • Irresistible Image Flip & Hover Effects for Your Product Listings
  • WooThumbs – The most powerful image gallery plugin 
  • WooCommerce Delivery Slots – Delivery & pickup on your customer’s schedule 

What Are The Products Iconic Offer?

Iconic offers many useful WooCommerce extensions for various sales purposes like Checkout, Enhancement, Marketing, Product Type, Shipping, and Variations.

Here are some of the best extensions by Iconic:

  • Image Swap for Your Product Listings – Make your product collection easier to browse
  • WooThumbs – The most powerful image gallery plugin 
  • WooCommerce Delivery Slots – Delivery & pickup on your customer’s schedule 
  • Flux Checkout – Prevent abandoned carts to improve the checkout experience
  • WooCommerce Show Single Variations – Display individual products variations
  • Attribute Swatches – Create dynamic store display design with matching colors
  • Iconic Sales Booster – Increase the average order value of your store
  • WooCommerce Quickview – Quickly view any product from your catalogue to give a better browsing experience
  • WooCommerce Product Configurator – Use transparent image layers for your variable product

Image Swap for Your Product Listings 

Incredible hover and swap effects for WooCommerce product images on your shop and category pages. Choose from a variety of picture switch effects to entice customers to buy your stuff.

The features include:

Multiple Effects

To match the aesthetic of your theme, choose from 9 distinct picture effects.

Highly Compatible

Compatible with the majority of WooCommerce themes and page builders.

Top-Notch Support

We’re here to assist you with any concerns you may have or to get you set up.

Fade Effect

On hover, enable the fade effect to fade between two product images.

Slide Effect

A simple interface allows you to switch between two or more product photos.

Bullet Navigation

To show how many images are available, use bullet navigation.


Show the additional images as thumbnails and swap out the primary image with a click.

Zoom Effect

When you hover over the main image, it will zoom in. Look into the specifics of the product.


To swiftly switch between two product photos, enable the picture-in-picture effect.

Modal Gallery

In a huge modal gallery, view one or more product photos.

Enlarge Effect

Hover over the main product image to enlarge it. Simple but effective.

Flip Effect

By switching to the secondary page, you may add some drama to your shop page.

WooThumbs for Your Store Image Gallery

Add a fresh layout, embedded video, many photos per variant, and more to your WooCommerce product image gallery in minutes.

The features include:

Additional Variation Images

With many photos per variation, you can give your customers the whole picture.

Embedded Video and Media

Conversions have been shown to rise when videos are used. Add them to the image gallery immediately.

Fully Customizable

Customize the image gallery’s speed, layout, and colors, among other things.

Mobile Friendly

WooThumbs is compatible with all devices and has pinch-and-zoom functionality.

Zoom Effects

There are several zoom effects to choose from, including inner, outer, and follow.

Full-Screen Gallery

In a full-screen, mobile-friendly gallery, your consumers can see photographs and embedded media.

Highly Compatible

WooThumbs is compatible with any well-coded WooCommerce theme.


The WooThumbs collection contains all photos that are accessible to the visually impaired.

WooCommerce Delivery Slots

Maximize your available delivery options by selecting a convenient delivery or pickup date and time at checkout on your WooCommerce store. It would also increase capacity while decreasing cart abandonment.

The features include:

Set Delivery Days

Choose which days of the week you’ll be able to deliver.

Shipping Method Restrictions

Create sophisticated delivery date rules by assigning time windows to specific shipping options.

Disable for Products or Categories

If you have certain products in your cart, you can turn off the delivery date and time fields.

Calendar Themes

Choose from a variety of calendar styles to match the look of your store.

Define Min/Max Delivery Date

Define the number of days needed between the first and last delivery dates in the calendar.

Delivery Date Fees

Set costs based on the weekday, same-day, or next-day deliveries.

ASAP Delivery Option

Allow consumers to choose “as soon as feasible” delivery rather than a specific time frame.

Disable Time Slots (X) Minutes Before Start Time

If an order is placed a specific number of minutes before the time slot begins, disable time slots.

Enable Slots for Specific Shipping Methods

Choose which shipping methods’ time slots appear. Make shipment timetables that are adaptable.

Time Slot Fees

If your consumer requests a specific day of the week or time window, charge an extra cost.

Disable Slots After (X) Orders

You can block time slots after (X) orders on any given day, often known as “lockout.”

Deliveries Calendar

You can sort and view future and reserved delivery slots.

Flexible Terminology

It’s simple to adjust checkout labels, and you can even change them depending on the delivery option you choose. “Delivery Date” or “Collection Date,” for example.

Shipping Plugin Compatibility

Many third-party shipping plugins are compatible with WooCommerce Delivery Slots. Just ask if you need one added!

Developer Friendly

There are numerous actions and filters available to customize WooCommerce Delivery Slots’ functioning.

And more of great extensions by Iconic. Check them out here!

Why Should I Use Iconic?

Built for Speed

The speed and performance of your WooCommerce store will not be affected by our plugins.

Easy to Use

We guarantee that our plugins are simple to set up and use for your clients.

Translation Ready

WPML and other translation tools are supported by all of our plugins.

Friendly Support

Customers frequently compliment us on how quick and educated our service is.

How Much Does Iconic Cost?

Iconic offers its extension plugins in bundles. You can choose between three bundles that can attune to your need. 

Essentials Bundle

Price: $199/ year

Provides you with a standard bundle of all essentials extensions from Iconic for your WooCommerce stores, including :

  • WooThumbs
  • Attribute Swatches
  • Linked Variations
  • Bundled Products
  • QuickTray 

Extended Bundle

Price: $299/ year

You can get the most popular WooCommerce plugins in a convenient and cost-effective package. It bundles with all key extensions in Essential Bundle plus:

  • Show Single Variations
  • Wishlists for WooCommerce
  • Product Configurator

All Access Bundle

Price: $499/ year

This bundle provides you with the entire WooCommerce plugin collection. Increase conversions and optimize your store with all plugins in Extended Bundle plus:

  • WooCommerce Account Pages
  • Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations
  • Flux Checkout for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Delivery Slots
  • All Future Iconic WooCommerce Plugins
  • Special 3rd-Party Discount Codes & Offers 

In addition to that, Iconic guarantees 100% money back if you aren’t completely satisfied within 30 days of purchase. 


Iconic is a WordPress plugin dedicated to supporting WooCommerce. Its goal is to provide quality software, support, and tutorials to assist business owners to get the most out of WooCommerce. Add extensions from Iconic to enhance your online store to maximum capabilities. Hence, using Iconic can improve the user experience and increase conversions on your WooCommerce store. 


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