What Can You Do With Floating Awesome Button Plugin?

What Can You Do With Floating Awesome Button Plugin?

Floating Awesome Button is a highly customizable sticky action button plugin by ArtiStudio. You can use it to display custom content at the corner of your WordPress page, such as embeds, social media, shortcodes, widgets, links, and others. With Floating Awesome Button, you can add more flexibility to your website so your visitors can browse through your website easier.  

It offers an unlimited number of sticky action buttons with a bunch of actions and styling options. So, you can customize it as the way you want it to be, whether it’s the color, size, position, filter, or animation. The design itself is so modern and stylish compared with other similar plugins. 

Floating Awesome Button is such a powerful sticky action button plugin with so many great features to make use of. Therefore, in this article, we will explain to you the features of Floating Awesome Button plugin.

What is Sticky Action Button?

A sticky action button or floating action button is a button that ‘floats’ on the corner of your website and sticks to that place when you scroll down through the page. This button is used as a shortcut to do specific actions on a website. Therefore, you can customize the content of the sticky action button, whether adding a widget, social media, links, or others.

Adding a sticky action button to your web design can help visitors to connect with you or navigate through your web pages. It’s important to use a customizable sticky action button with a pleasant design that works light on your website.

What Floating Awesome Button Can Do?

Floating Awesome Button plugin has all features necessary for creating a sticky action button on your website. The following list shows what you can do with Floating Awesome Button:

  • Add unlimited sticky action buttons to your website

Not one or two, but you can add as many actions as you like to your floating awesome button. Set them as a custom modal, shortcodes, widgets, links, there is no limitation. Just choose what actions that will ease your visitors into the Floating Awesome Button!

  • Decorate your button with modern style

Decorate how your button appears with various modern styling. Be it the colors, sizes, locations, animations, filters, and templates, you can decorate it as you prefer. 

Floating Awesome Button provides you with 25+ button animations so you can customize how your button moves, including fade, bounce, zoom, or flip. Furthermore, you can add a custom filter to your button according to the post type or pages. 

Of course, all these stylings can be done easily without coding!

  • Show your button wherever whenever you like

Do you want your sticky action button to show only on desktop, mobile, tablet, or all of them? Floating Awesome Button lets you decide that. You can also add page rules so your floating buttons will only appear on the pages that matter. 

It’s even possible to add a button trigger based on a specific motion or time schedule you set beforehand. 

  • Connect with your visitor through multiple quick contacts

Let your visitors connect with you through multiple quick contact links added to your floating action button. Just insert your WhatsApp chat, SMS, email, or call. You can even add a custom message!

  • Share your post easily on social media

Help your visitors to spread your website posts to their favorite social media by adding multiple social media links to your floating button. Floating Awesome Button provides you with all renowned social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and many more.

  • Login to your website faster

Make it faster to log in to your website by clicking the login modal on your floating button. You can add authentication modals, such as register & login. Moreover, the login window already includes login, logout, and lost password auth links. 

  • Advertise your promo or product catalog as pop-up

Besides the floating action button, you can add pop-up notifications using Floating Awesome Button. Use it to advertise your promo, product catalog, opt-in, and advertisement. The notification will appear at the right time to grab your visitors’ attention when they open or about to close your website

  • Display forms for newsletter or membership

Invite your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or membership using forms modal from Floating Awesome Button. The plugin has integrated with popular forms plugins like Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, and WPForms. You can set how and when your forms modal appears to your visitors. Moreover, you can use the forms for booking and payment purposes too.

  • Embed videos, audio, and podcast 

Easily embed any video, audio, and podcast from any streaming platform to your website using the content widgets on Floating Awesome Button. You can add your YouTube video, Twitch streaming, or Spotify playlist to appear on your website so your visitors notice and watch them. Use this to increase your social engagements on your videos, audio, and podcast platform.

  • Access each modal with specific hotkeys

Enable your visitors to open certain actions from your button by clicking on the keyboard hotkeys. You can customize each modal with specific hotkeys. There are more than 258+ hotkeys available in Floating Awesome Button.

  • Add other custom contents and shortcodes to your Floating Awesome Button!

Floating Awesome Button goes beyond your average sticky action button plugin. In addition to everything we have mentioned above, there are still many actions you can add to your buttons. 

How to Install Floating Awesome Button?

You can install Floating Awesome Button plugin on WordPress Plugin Repository from your admin dashboard. Then activate it, you can customize the plugin in the setting.

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Use Floating Awesome Button plugin by ArtiStudio to add unlimited floating action buttons to your website. Set them as a custom modal, shortcodes, widgets, links, just choose what actions will ease your visitors into the Floating Awesome Button. There are multiple quick contacts & social media links, authentication modals, pop-up notifications for advertisement, audiovisual embeds, and forms for membership. Moreover, the buttons from Floating Awesome Button have a modern and stylish design in which you can customize to match your website themes.

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